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He's Taylor, I'm CaLea.  And the lil' nugget in our arms is little miss Billie Rose. We're a couple of twenty-something year old lovers who met in the seventh grade. We like to travel, take photos, and eat lots of good food (which is no surprise, we're just like every other blogger out there). Our life motto is simple: "Make plans, not excuses." We strive to make the most out of every moment we're given while filling up our life with happiness. 

He's had a crush on me since the seventh grade. I like him because he's weird. We've been best friends since the age of thirteen and now we're married (you can read our love story HERE, if you feel so inclined). We welcomed Billie girl into our family when we'd been married for just over two years and she's the best thing that has ever happened to us. 

We like to eat tacos and hang out in the mountains. I prefer sour patch kids, he prefers pretzel M&M's. Cuddling is one of our favorite hobbies (duh). His favorite color is green, mine is blue. We're not sure what color is Billie's favorite yet, but give it a couple of years and she'll let us all know, I'm sure. 

We're just a couple of kids trying to make the most out of the time we've been given on this rad planet.

Hi, I'm CaLea, that's Taylor Dale, and the cute tiny one is Billie.
This is our little corner of the internet.



  1. Nice to meet you! :-) I'm stopping by from FLOB.

    Love the layout of your site. Excited to read more. :-)

  2. you are too cute... I like the weird, same language as mine, sorta like me, only I´m a latin version light years later ( probably more lightyears than I would like to admit). Love-ly you!!!

  3. The picture in the field is so pretty! We all have a little bit of crazy in us :) Nice to meet you! I stopped from for the love of blog comment love day :)

    Oh and ps, my name requires a pronunciation explanation as well. I'm Liesi (Lizzie). :)

    Liesi @ Too Crewel

  4. AWH! You are adorable!

    My name is Maribel! Nice to meet you!

  5. maybe you will think im crazy but i think like you!
    its nice to know im not the only odd weird crazy person in this world :)

  6. I think you might have a career in writing...

  7. I met you on November 8, 1994. You've been one of my besties for almost 20 years! And, I've told you for years you should be a writer!!!

  8. your blog is beautiful and you seem like a beautiful person. (also, harry potter nerds unite!) i can't wait to read more. xo


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