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Photo by Austin Terry
Well, like true disney junkies, we just can't seem to keep ourselves away. We planned a quick one-day weekend trip to Disneyland with some of our very best friends back in January and it turned out to be the most magical disney trip yet. I'll get into the reasons why a little later, though.

We actually have a trip planned for later this year that involved a really, really long flight and so we were on the fence about whether or not we were going to take Billie with us or just make the trip into more of a romantic getaway for Tay and I. After our one hour flight (aka FULL BLOWN WRESTLING MATCH) out to California, however, it pretty much sealed the deal for us that we're just going to utilize that upcoming trip as a nice, relaxing getaway and let Billie spend a week at home playing with her cousins (she probably won't even miss us... but you bet I'll be missing her something fierce). 

Flying with a baby is one thing... but flying with a toddler is something else entirely. Totally doable, mind you, but you'll likely feel like you just ran a marathon by the time you're finally getting off the plane. Taylor and I were literally shaking laughter as tears welled up in our eyes and we were trying to remain as silent as possible during the flight. Billie was being hilarious... but also so naughty and it's hard to not laugh when your kid is being a lunatic and causing all sorts of ruckus in a very confined place that packed with a whole lot of people.

Anyway, long story short: when flying with a toddler, ipads are your friend. ;) It keeps them entertained and content when they're not allowed to run around.

One of my favorite things about having Disney passes this year is the ability to "pop" into the parks for an hour or two the evening we arrive in Anaheim. We got to our hotel at about 8pm and we immediately ran over to the parks because, well, we couldn't help ourselves.

One of my very favorite rides in is Pirates of the Caribbean. That's usually the ride we'll go on first when we get to the parks (especially because Billie can ride it with us). The lines were pretty mild when we arrived so we were able to hop right on to Pirates. One of my favorite parts about doing that ride with Billie is the way her arms flail up and hit you when you go down the two drops. It's adorable. She never expects the drops and always has the same reaction. But the way her little fingers point to everything in sight and the way her little mouth babbles on excitedly every time we go on that ride makes it extra magical.

One of Taylor's favorite parts of Disneyland is the churros. So, even on days when we are only there for an hour or two, we make sure we grab a churro (or two... or three) to enjoy. Billie definitely shares Taylor's enthusiasm for the churros.

Billie did a lot more walking than she usually does at Disney during this trip-- perks of getting older and more stable on her feet. It has been so neat to see how much she changes with each new trip to disneyland. She was only three months old for her first trip and it's so funny to think back to itty bitty baby Billie in disney and compare her to walking, blabbering, toddler Billie taking on the parks.

We arranged to meet up with our good friends, Allie and Austin in the parks this trip, which made it extra, extra special. We were Disney noobs when we first went to the parks with them but they showed us the ropes. It's been fun to share a couple of disney days with them this year.

Now that Billie is old enough to really indulge herself in all the delicious treats that disney has to offer, she cracks us up. She's such a little foodie and she makes sure we share anything and everything that we eat in disneyland. Especially the churros.

The next set of photos are all by Austin. 

I think that one of Billie's favorite rides after this trip is "It's a Small World." She clapped and danced her way through the whole attraction (when she wasn't busy lounging and kicking her feet up onto the seat in front of us-- thankfully that seat belonged to Austin and Allie haha).

At first she felt a little timid about the carousel, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly! I seriously can't get enough of Billie at disneyland, though. It's fun to see the way she interacts with the rides and the characters. It's almost like we get to experience it all for the first time again now that we're seeing it all through her fresh eyes. 

She really was an absolute JOY to be around on this quick trip to disney, though. She only got one hour long (ish) nap throughout the day and yet she stayed content despite the fact that we were at the parks for a grand total of FOURTEEN HOURS. Really though, she was the real MVP of the day. She filled up all of those hours with laughter, excitement, cuddles, and countless squeals of delight.

Want to know my absolute favorite part of disneyland, though? The fact that there's something there for everybody. It's such a well thought out theme park full of magic and food and excitement that I really do think it's basically impossible to not enjoy yourself, no matter who you are or what walk of life you're in. And, if you're like me and Allie, you basically start crying tears of happiness the second you walk through the front gates.

LOL. By the end of the night Billie was absolutely exhausted but still holding out on going to sleep because she's got FOMO. We covered her stroller with a swaddle blanket to block out some of the distractions that were keeping her awake... but she proceeded to move the swaddle out of her way and hold it there for a long period of time as her personal way of saying, "Hey, I ain't a quitter."

We ended the day at one of my personal favorites, the Carthay Cirlce Restaurant. It's got the most delicious food and such a neat environment. It's just a cool experience to eat there, really. We were there until well after 11pm and, after putting up quite the fight, Billie finally passed out on the booth seat next to Taylor. 

She was so tired that she basically slept from that point forward-- even when we transferred her to her stroller, put her in her pajamas, and then put her in her bed. Heck, she was so tired that she even slept through the chaos of getting to the airport and getting on the flight home the next morning. 

This trip was truly magical. It will hold a special place in my heart and in my memories throughout all the years to come, I'm sure of it. 


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