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January came and went as quickly as a burst of foggy warm breath in the cold winter air. And somehow we're already a third of the way through the month of February and I still haven't gotten used to writing "2019" across the top of the page for each new journal entry. Winter days seem as long as all the winter months combined together... and yet winter months seem to be passing as quickly as a single winter day. It's funny how that works. 

I ordered a snow shovel off of amazon and they sent it in a box that was much larger than necessary. I was startled to open my front door and see a box the size of my entire front porch laying there across the entryway. At first I was a little annoyed because big boxes are annoying to break down and fit into our recycling bin... but then I decided to get over my annoyance long enough to turn the massive box into a box fort for Billie. I always loved big boxes when I was a kid. She stashed a whole pile of her stuffed animals inside the box and then proceeded to climb into it herself. I laughed aloud when she reached up and grabbed the flap to pull it closed. She stole my phone when I wasn't watching, which resulted in a constant string of baby words all jumbled together as she talked to an imaginary somebody on the phone whilst sitting in the darkness of her box fort. I wish I could understand all the things she was saying.

Speaking of sitting in things... Billie has become obsessed with sitting inside various random objects. She pulls open the bottom drawers of dressers and tries to climb right in. Laundry baskets are another favorite sitting-spot for her. She'll stretch those little legs of her over the top of the basket and practically topple in (but only after she's collected an assortment of books and toys and chucked them into the basket to await her return). 

The thought of enduring winter with a baby used to seem so daunting because the colder weather impressed upon my mind the idea that, with a baby, I had to spend all of my days inside and away from the cold. But I've tried to retrain my brain into believing that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices! We bought a "wearable sleeping bag" (aka a baby bunting) for Billie to ensure she'd always be warm and then we made the decision to get outside and do things-- even in the cold! We went on a snowy hike a few weekends back and it was the highlight of our entire week. Winter may be freezing, but it sure it beautiful. This baby hiking backpack of ours is debatably one of my very favorite baby purchases because it has enabled us to spend more time outside with our kid. (Here's the link to the bunting we have for Billie, too.)

I'm proud of myself because I've worked out consistently almost every single day for a whole month now. I hadn't really worked out at all since before I got pregnant with Billie. It's crazy, too, because I was always getting out and moving my body back in high school. I ran track, played basketball, and played soccer for two different teams at one point in my high school career. I had at least two different athletic practices a day for the longest time. It made me so sad to realize how much I'd let my body slip away from that-- I mean, obviously that was all a little excessive, but I got to the point where I wasn't moving my body at all. Any time I would try and work out, I'd get frustrated with myself because I wasn't on THAT level (which is hilarious, really). But Tay's been such a champ with working out and eating healthy that he inspired me to get my body moving every single day. Now it's become something I look forward to doing each day. I learned to take things at the pace that works best for my body while also pushing it to improve. Anyway, I'm proud of myself and it's made me really happy!

Taylor talked me into getting blue hair (he didn't have to try hard at all lol) and it's been one of those random, little things that has made me so happy from day to day. Blue is my favorite color, afterall. 

The other day Billie insisted on sitting at the bar with me like a "big girl" rather than sitting in her highchair to eat her breakfast. I couldn't help but to laugh when I subconsciously turned my legs into a makeshift highchair for her so she wouldn't fall off of the barstool. It's fun to watch her get older and more independent because she's become more independent and opinionated.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day with my bangs parted straight down the middle, wearing my new glasses (thx for blinding me, pregnancy), wearing a HUGE, orange, touristy sweatshirt I bought at the DI back in high school and I laughed aloud. I was as cozy as could be but I also looked hilarious. You bet I went out in public looking just like that. Maybe I should be filled with more shame than I am when it comes to the things I wear out in public... but I've just never been one to care. OWN IT.

We took Billie to TopGolf with us and were pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved she was! She didn't even insist on getting down from our laps and was perfectly content just sitting and eating their pretzel bites (a woman after my own taste). She's usually such a wiggle worm so we were sure we weren't going to be able to hang out for very long but we were proved wrong. Billie is the real MVP. Speaking of things that make me happy... Billie in that Patagonia jacket. ARE WE KIDDING!? #swoon

Billie has officially reached the age where she wants to do all of the same things I'm doing. It makes day-to-day chores take a little longer than usual but it's the cutest thing ever. She wants to be just like me and Tay. She's growing up way too fast.

Wanna know what else makes me happy? The look of pure glee on Billie's face every time she snatches a pair of glasses off of someone's face. Beware: if you ever wear glasses while Billie's around, you'll probably end up with little smudged fingerprints all over the lenses. She hasn't broken any glasses... yet.

Life has been so rewarding lately. That's what's making me the most happy. Tay and I have both been doing so well at reaching the goals we've set for ourselves and it's been the coolest experience to be doing it all together. I'm currently seven books deep into my goal to read 25 books in the year 2019. It was easy to get out of the habit of reading and make excuses as to why I "couldn't" read very often... but since deciding to make it more of a priority in my life, I've fallen back in love with the peaceful escape it provides me. Reading has been proven to relieve feelings of anxiety after just a few minutes of turning pages-- just saying. 

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