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It's an odd sensation to feel an old year passing as a new year rises. It always seems to happen just as I'm getting the hang of the old year, too. I distinctly remember sitting alone in my room one New Year's Eve, all the way back in high school, and crying when the clock struck midnight. I think I was probably afraid of the unknown and intimidated by all that I felt I wasn't. I carried that feeling with me for several years, too. New years, new challenges, new things that scared me. 

But I don't feel that way anymore. 

A new year is a new excuse to try something new. It's a subtle reminder built into the clockwork of our lives to take a step back every year and reevaluate where we're at and where we ultimately intend to go. It's a time for us to look back on our life, twelve months at a time, and applaud ourselves for all the beautiful things we have contributed to the world and all the ugly that we've managed to survive through. Change doesn't have to be scary. The unknown doesn't have to be scary. We're not in control of all the things that may happen to us... but we are certainly in control of how we choose to react to the experiences that cross our paths.

Ah, and new years bring along with them new resolutions to do and be better. But, in all reality, "better" is a relative term. My definition of "better" could vary vastly from your definition of "better." So, in reality, we can all do things entirely different and still succeed at becoming better. That's the beauty of diversity, eh? My goals for the year 2019 aren't crazy, by any means, and they're simpler than the goals I set for myself in 2018. But they're challenging and they're realistic and so far I've been crushing each and every one of them. It feels good to set goals that not only challenge me, but that are also attainable. Accomplishing them strengthens me and adds a little more confidence to my step with each passing day. It feels awesome.

I hope your goals are making you feel awesome too.
I'm excited to see what the year 2019 invites into my life.


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