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Christmas this year was extra special but extra low-key, too. That was probably my favorite part about the Christmas season, actually-- the fact that it was so chill. Our tree was chaotically decorated thanks to the fact that Billie (aka the tree terrorist) was continually stealing ornaments from the lower branches and chucking them across the living room. Taylor would then do his best to relocate the tormented ornaments and place them back on the tree... but that somehow resulted in all of the ornaments being put in one small portion of the tree so, eventually, it began to slowly droop to one side. 

Taylor and I didn't get each other presents this year... at least, we said we wouldn't, but we each ended up getting a stocking full of surprises and one really sweet, well-thought-out gift. Billie, on the other hand, got a few fun presents. We decided to put most of our efforts, however, into creating magical moments throughout the holiday season rather than buying the perfect gifts. It kept things simple and that made me happy. I think I'm leaning towards always doing more minimalistic Christmases in the future. 

Anyway, I asked Taylor what his very, very favorite Christmas tradition is and his prompt response was, "Watching Game of Thrones." So there ya have it, folks. We're real, real Christmas-y.


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