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Another day, another happy list. It's the right time of the year to focus on all of the things that make us happy, though. I feel like it's so easy to get caught up in the chaos of the holidays that sometimes all the reasons we have to celebrate manage to slip between the cracks and all that's left in view is all the bad stuff that stresses us out. This year I'm choosing to focus on all the good stuff in order to let all the bad stuff fall through the cracks. I started this happy list all the way back at the beginning of December and never got around to finishing it. But these moments still make me happy so I'm still going to share them. It's never too late to talk about the things that have made you happy, eh?

You know, like the look of pure, absolute happiness on Billie's face whilst devouring a dum-dum sucker. It's good enough to make anyone happy even on the worst kind of day. You're welcome.

Taylor and I got to go to the Trans Siberian Orchestra christmas concert this year and it was such a blast. Taylor had never been before so I was honored to be with him during his first christmas-rock-concert experience. It's one of those concerts that gets you so amped up but then you have to stop and laugh at yourself because all the music being played is christmas music. AND IT IS SO COOL. 

We bought Billie and her BFF, Charlie, matching Sully pajamas when we went to Disneyland in November. We got the girls together and snapped a "twinning" photo of them in their super cute pj's. We couldn't get a single "cute" photo of them but the ones we DID get were pretty dang funny. Also, enjoy the look on my face when Tay said, "See, you could handle twins." Uh... yeah.

My baby isn't so much a baby anymore, sadly. But every now and then she blesses me with tender moments like this where she climbs up into my lap and gets cozy whilst drinking her milk. She'll always, always, always be my baby... even when she doesn't think she is. haha.

Tay and I were blessed with more date night opportunities over the last few months than we had been in the last year. It was really fun to take time away from being parents so we could remember how to be good spouses (it's crazy how easy it is to fall into the role of parents and let yourselves slip out of the roles of being a good wife and husband). Oh, how I love him. I think we make a good team.

Billie truly is such a source of joy and happiness in my life. Yeah, she's not always happy and content, (but, who IS, right?) but she is most of the time. Her enthusiasm for life and the way she loves everyone around her is truly inspiring to me.

We got the opportunity to go and visit the festival of trees-- it's one of my favorite christmas traditions! Although, it's been getting progressively busier with each passing year. I used to go as a kid so going back with Billie brings back all kinds of memories. This year was kind of a mess, though, because we forgot Billie's binky and we went during naptime (wasn't one of our best moments, to say the least) so Billie was pretty over it pretty early into our visit. We let her get out and walk around on her own (which was a good idea... other than the fact that she's a little ninja and her favorite game to play is "run away from dad and mom"). BUT, we still had fun. And I still got to see a couple of really awesome trees that tickled my fancy (aka the Disney tree and the Harry Potter tree pictured below). 

I don't even feel like I need to explain the photos below. They're freaking hilarious and they make me so happy-- my kid is a hoot.

We went to Christmas in Color (I think that's what it's called???) and Billie had so much fun! It's a good christmas activity for younger kids because they can enjoy the views from the warmth and comfort of the car. Billie insisted on driving a few times... and her dad readily obliged. ;)

Anytime we get to see Billie interacting with any kind of animal, it makes us happy. I don't think I've ever met another human being who adores the creatures on this planet quite as much as this baby girl does. She gets to excited that you can see every muscle in her little body tense up with extreme amounts of joy and enthusiasm anytime she's within a couple feet of cute creatures (like puppies... and horses... and cats, etc.). 

Billie and Taylor. My whole entire world summed up into one little photograph. Oh, how these two humans make my heart swell. I often feel like I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming (that sounds so freaking cliche but it's the honest to goodness truth). Taylor is a dream of a husband and Billie is a dream of a daughter and they both welcome so much joy into my life that it's actually hilarious to think about how blessed I truly am.

Just some toddler BFF shenanigans-- Billie using Charlie as a human body pillow and Charlie not giving a single crap about it. They are so much fun to watch. They are both such weirdos so they way they interact with each other gets real weird real fast. It almost makes me worried about how weird they'll be together when they're older. hahahaha.

We call Billie the "drink monster" for good reason. That reason being: anytime there is any kind of beverage within twenty feet of her she not only knows it, but she goes for it. It blows my mind on a regular basis to see her waltzing around with some kind of beverage that I didn't even know was within her reach. I'm pretty sure she scaled the back of the couch and grabbed this coke can from the window seal of our living room window. This kid is nuts, I'm telling you. She is a DRINK MONSTER.

Utah is so cool. I love living here because I love getting to experience all four seasons every year. Winter isn't exactly my favorite season... but it sure is pretty, I'll give it that. I got to drive up the canyon near my home for a photo session and I was in complete awe over the simple beauty of the snow frosted pines that lined the icy highway. It doesn't get much better than that.

Taking Billie to stores has become quite the challenge, let me tell ya. She's a walking, talking, busy little maniac who loves to touch everything in sight. That's basically the definition of a toddler, I suppose. It's both fun and exhausting to take her with me on errands these days. But I sure do love watching those little legs of hers carry her through the aisles of my favorite stores while she wears the biggest (almost mischievous) grin on her cute face.

Billie in her dinosaur outfit carrying her dino. HOW CUTE IS THAT!? She waddles around my living room and kitchen all day and I adore the little pitter patter sound of her bare feet colliding with the hard floor. She'll come running around the bar with the biggest smiles spread from cheekbone to cheekbone while exclaiming, "Mama! Mama!" and those are the kind of moments that remind me that I was always meant to be hers and she was always meant to be mine.

The older she gets, the more people have begun to say, "She looks so much like you!" I still hear "she looks like Taylor's clone," a lot, too, but it's nice to hear that the baby I grew inside of my body for nine long months is finally starting to resemble me a little more (I'm not bitter... I think... lol). I guess what's cool is the fact that I'm finally starting to see it too. I see glimpses of myself in her and it's the most surreal thing. Oh, how I love this little girl.

Life has been moving slower during these winter months. At times I find myself anxious for spring and the warm weather it will bring. But I think it's important to stop and recognize the simple aspects of my life that welcome joy each day. This phase of life is going to pass so fast, it's important to enjoy it now before it passes too fast.


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