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This year's Thanksgiving was pretty laid back and that's what made it so enjoyable, I think. Tay's parents always do their big Thanksgiving feast the day before the actual holiday, which makes it easier for us to divvy up our holiday time between our two families. We showed up at the Gunther home a little early and spent some time soaking up what felt like the last precious moments of fall. We spotted a big pile of crunchy, fallen leaves and Tay waltzed right up to it with the intent of tossing Billie right into it. 

He plopped her down in the center of the leaves and we both laughed as a look of pure annoyance and frustration instantly appeared on her round little face. Her tiny hands attempted to dig their way out of her leafy predicament but they only succeeded in making her body sink even deeper into the jumble of leaves.

Taylor lifted her out of the pile and brushed all of the scratchy leaves from her clothes after only a few (very shor0)t moments of being in them, but it was already too late and she no longer trusted him to not throw her right back into the pile. She reached her baby arms out towards me in a dramatic fashion and began to make her way towards me on the grassy hillside. 

She snuggled up into my arms where she felt safe from the perils of the mountain of leaves (and her teasing dad) and we both watched as Taylor ran towards the it and catapulted himself into the itchy sea of gold. He disappeared for a moment but, before long, his head popped up out of the leaves and he smirked in our direction. 

At that point, the sun had nearly dipped behind the mountain in the distance and we headed into the house to find some warmth and to participate in the consumption of food and holiday festivities. That moment was one where, even in the middle of it, I knew that one day I'd look back at it, remember the way it felt, and then feel my heart start to beat a little faster from somewhere deep within my chest.

The next day we found ourselves at my mom's house, the very house in which I grew up. It's such a surreal feeling to celebrate the holidays in the same place I used to always celebrate... but only, now I'm older, married to the love of my life, and mother to the coolest person I've ever met. Life sure is trippy, I'm tellin' ya. 

We ate so much food over the course of those two short days that, by the end of it all, I was basically ready to go into a full-blown two-month hibernation. It's always at times like those that I wish I were a bear who could climb into my own dark, cozy cave and only emerge again when the sun decides to show her face again in the spring.

I like that the holidays give us a good reason to snap a couple of photos of our family together each year. It's one of those traditions that I hope I always stay on top of because one day, years from now, I'll be able to look at the photos we took each year on Thanksgiving and see how much we've all changed with time. Maybe that's cheesy and cliche, but that's how I feel.

My sweet grandpa, the one whom Billie is named after, spent Thanksgiving at my mom's house too. It's so neat to see him with Billie girl, too, because he loves her so much. He always tells her how beautiful she is, how much she's grown, and how much he adores her. It melts my heart every single time. I try to grab a photo of the two of them together as often as I can because I want Billie to have a plethora of photos of her and the incredible man she's named after.

It was a good holiday, though. I think it's great to have a special day each year to really focus on the things that are blessings in our lives. Of course, we should always strive to be grateful, but you really can't ever complain about a day that helps you to be a little more thankful each year (especially when it involves so much delicious food). 

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.


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