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I came across these old photos when I opened up the draft for my fortieth happy list post. I started it so long ago and never got around to finishing it. But it was a good little surprise to reopen the draft and see these three photographs hanging out right at the top, just waiting to be found. They're only a few months old but so much has changed since they were taken-- namely my Billie girl. She changes so much every single day that it's hard to keep up with her. 

I gave Billie a couple of oreos the other day. When I gave her the first one, however, she was unaware that I was hiding two more in my pocket. After she devoured the first, I pulled another out of my pocket and held it out for her to see and this was her reaction:

She is my oreo spirit animal.

Billie is such an animal lover. I don't think I've ever met another human being who loves animals quite as much as she does. Whenever she sees an animal-- literally, any kind of animal-- the biggest grin will spread across her face and she'll start clapping her hands and wordlessly pleading for us to let her go and say hello. She's even been known to spoon with animals (see photo below hahaha). 

Billie has always been very cuddly. Even as she's grown, she still makes time to climb up into my lap each day and sneak in a good snuggle. It's been one of the greatest blessings for me, too. It's actually really hard to watch my baby grow up but it makes it a little easier when she still makes time to sit and cuddle her mama. 

This photo was taken when I was in the middle of putting up Christmas decorations. There was stuff everywhere because Billie kept herself entertained by roaming the house and opening every cupboard and drawer that she possibly could in order to empty their contents onto the floor. Taylor came home in the middle of all that chaos and Billie stopped what she was doing and ran right into his open arms. Then they rolled around together amongst the variety of random objects on the floor and laughed so hard that it echoed throughout the entire house. Those are my favorite kind of moments-- mess and all.

I love that Billie tries to help me with things like unloading the dishwasher and decorating the Christmas tree (even though her "helping" actually produces more work for me in the long run). She always wants to participate in the things I'm doing and it warms my whole heart.

Saturday morning's with these two and their crazy bed-head hair are my favorite kind of mornings. Billie will wake up and Taylor will run grab her from her room and bring her back to our bed to cuddle. Every Saturday. It's our Saturday morning tradition. It makes me happy every single week.

We only decorated half of our Christmas tree this year. Why, you might ask? Because our very cute, very curious little one year old can't seem to keep her cute little hands off of our ornaments. Our tree has certainly had better years and yet the half-decorated look is probably my favorite look yet. 


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