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Welp, I celebrated another birthday this past week. I'm getting way behind on writing about all of the random things going on in our lives because there's been so much going on, but that's just the way it is, I suppose. This is definitely the busiest part of the whole year for us. I'll catch up someday... maybe (just don't be alarmed by how out-of-order and late everything shows up on my blog).

We didn't do much on the day of my birthday (because it was a Thursday and Thursday's are kinda weird), but Tay and I went on a little birthday getaway over the weekend, just the two of us. And it's no surprise where we went... disneyland!! We got season passes this year so anytime we go anywhere it ends up being to Disneyland (so we don't feel like we're wasting our money by not going enough haha). It really has been such a blast getting to go to Disney during every season of the year, though. Before this year I had only ever been to Disneyland once... and I was sixteen. We've gotten a little addicted, to say the least. The magic is real and it's made its way into the deepest chambers of our hearts.

This was our first little trip without Billie and I'd be lying if I said it didn't break my heart to leave her behind but she had the time of her life over the weekend hanging out with some of her very favorite friends (and dogs). Tay and I probably needed some time for just the two of us, too. Disneyland without a baby is way different but I like both scenarios equally-- just differently. We got to ride all of the bigger rides and we also got to ride a lot of other rides we have been wanting to go on but never had the time to go on. I think the biggest difference with going to disney with kids (specifically a baby) is that you can end up spending more time in the parks because it takes a little longer to get through things. When it was just Tay and I, we did everything we had wanted to do (and ate everything we had been wanting to eat... and then some) in just the two days we were there. Both situations are fun, but, like I said, they're just different.

One of our favorite, favorite treats is the raspberry macaroon at the Jolly Holiday Cafe! Our friends Blake and Ariauna introduced them to us the last time we were at Disney and now we are absolutely hooked. I'm not typically a macaroon lover, either, if that says anything about how good they are!

One of Taylor's top three favorite rides is Grizzly Bear Rapids and I kid you not, one of us (if not both of us) gets soaked every single time we ride it. We also just so happen to always ride it just as the sun is going down and it's starting to get cold outside (because the line is always short at that point of the day) so we always end up freezing our buns off for the rest of the evening. It's hilarious... and awful. We've started taking "before and after" photos so we can keep track of who gets more soaked each time we go on it. 

I stayed pretty dry this time around but the same cannot be said of Taylor's experience. His entire back got soaked because he selflessly threw himself over me so I didn't get hit by a huge splash of water that came over the side of the raft. If that's not true love, I don't know what it. I genuinely think that 90% of the fun with this ride is sitting in anxious anticipation to see who's going to get soaked. It's hilarious when someone else gets hit by a wave of water and it's funny enough to make up for the times when you're the one getting soaked. I dunno, maybe we're weird, but we love it.

One of our randomly favorite things to do while at Disneyland is animation academy inside the California Adventure park. It's basically a little sketch class where they pick a disney character and teach you how to draw them. They do tons of classes featuring tons of different characters throughout the day, but when we went this time around, we got to draw baby Dory (although, somehow Taylor's turned out to look more like baby Groot... haha!)

This next picture cracks me up just because we both somehow managed to forget about the camera on the Incredicoaster ride and this was the result... we both look like we're getting too old to be riding it. hahaha

Oh, how I love the Disney parks during the Christmas season. I've only ever been during the Christmas celebrations once before (when I was sixteen) and I've been dreaming about coming back (with my lover boy) ever since. Disneyland is magic as it is, but when you sprinkle a little Christmas spirit into the parks, it somehow manages to become extra, extra magical-- especially on the rides that get Christmas overlays (such as it's a small world and the haunted mansion).

We ended up camping out on Main Street for the big Christmas firework show at the end of one of our days there. It wasn't part of our "plan" to do so, but it ended up turning into one of the most memorable parts of the trip! Taylor was quite literally laying on the cement ground (and when he first laid down, he accidentally laid on some random guy's head and it was suppppper akward but also hilarious lol) while we passed his phone back and forth playing Ticket to Ride in order to pass the time. Sidenote: if you've never played ticket to ride, you should. But play it on your phone because then you don't have to keep track of everything and the computer will do all the busy stuff for you.

IT WAS SO MAGICAL AND I WANTED TO CRY THE WHOLE TIME. Seriously though, it doesn't get much better than Taylor cuddling me at Disneyland while we watch fireworks dancing through the sky to the cheerful sound of some of my favorite Christmas tunes. Disney know how to make life magical, that's for sure.

Another random and surprisingly awesome Disney treat is the Slow Burn memory refresher from Bing Bong's in California Adventure. I am a sucker for the memory refreshers always-- but I'd never tried the slow burn one before and both Taylor and I were pleasantly surprised. They say it's "spicy" but it's Disney spicy (which really isn't even spicy).

My favorite, favorite part of the whole trip, however, was our last-minute decision to book a last-minute reservation at the Carthay Circle restaurant in California Adventure. Neither of us had ever eaten there before. We pulled up the dining reservations page while we were waiting in line for Splash Mountain "just to see what might be available" and lo and behold, there was an opening at Carthay Circle. It may or may not be my new favorite place to eat. The food was amazing, the theming was amazing, and our overall experience was just really, really good. It probably helps that I had the cutest date in the whole restaurant, though. We ate so. much. food. SO MUCH. But we left with our bellies feeling happy and full and it was the perfect way to end our trip together.

Happy 24th birthday to me. It really was a special one. I had to laugh at the fact that I spent my 24th birthday in exactly the way my eight-year-old self would have wanted me to. High fiving my eight-year-old-self right now. This year brought with it a lot of difficult lessons to be learned. But it also brought with it so much joy, so much meaning, and so much love. There isn't a single thing I'd want to change about how my life has turned out. And you know what? I'm pretty darn content with the person I've become-- sure, we should always work to become better... but we also need to stop and acknowledge how far we've come. Bathroom mirror selfies and all.


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