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Well, Billie had a grand total of three different costumes this year for Halloween. I mayyyy have gone a little overboard, but there's no shame in going all-out for your favorite holiday, right? Anywho, her three costumes this year were the pumpkin witch (??? yeah, we dunno, we added a cute lil' witch hat to her jack-o-lantern costume), a cow, and a unicorn. I can't even pick a favorite between the three.

We attended the annual Gunther family pumpkin carving night and this year Tay and I decided to tag-team on carving a pumpkin. I did the first half of it and when I lost patience doing the logo on the VW pumpkin-bus we carved, Taylor took over and finished the job. It's definitely not perfect but it wasn't as horrible as it could have been, right? (Don't mind Taylor's obnoxious face-- he has a knack for ruining perfectly good photos with obnoxious facial expressions hahaha.) 

We showed up to the pumpkin carving party as a family of cows but we never got a photo of all three of us in our cow attire, so the one selfie of the three of us (although it doesn't show the whole outfit) as well as the photos of Tay and Billie will have to suffice for this family costume. 

On the actual day of Halloween, we dressed up as a herd of unicorns (is that the correct term for a grouping of unicorns? I have no idea, to be honest). We dressed up Billie, myself, and Kingsley (the dog) as unicorns and then we got Taylor the funniest blow-up unicorn costume that made it look like he was riding a unicorn. We happily referred to him as "the unicorn master" for the duration of the evening. 

We joined Billie's cousins and took her trick-or-treating for the first time down Lehi Main Street. We kept handing her suckers and ritz crackers to munch on as we strolled down the street and gathered a small bucket of candy from all of the cute little shops that lined the road. Trick-or-treating is SO different now than it was when I was growing up, but it's fun for different reasons. 

We visited both of Billie's grandmas' houses before calling it a night. Billie befriended a couple of cute pony friends at Grandma Gunther's house and then she got scared out of her mind at Grandma Bagley's house because one of her cousins was wearing a scary mask (her look of utter terror was  both hilarious and yet so sad all at the same time). 

It was a good Halloween, to say the least. Holidays with a kid are way more fun, if you ask me. They're different, for sure, but there is so much magic in getting to experience all the joys of various holidays alongside your kid. 


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