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Our bed broke. While we were laying in it. Tay and I were just about ready to fall asleep one night when all of a sudden we heard a big ol' crack and the right side of our bed collapsed, sending Taylor spiraling to the floor and me into a hysterical fit of laughter. One of the legs snapped clean off (NO, we weren't doing anything that would have made the bed break, if you catch my drift... lol).

I doordashed food from a restaurant that I could literally walk to (from my house) in under thirty seconds. Billie was grumpy and it was a battle to get her to go down for her nap, so when she finally fell asleep and I went looking for food in our empty refrigerator, I realized it was time for me to sink to a new low. The best part of the whole ordeal was seeing the amused look on the face of the guy who delivered my food. OHHHH, the shame.

For some reason I can't seem to stay conscious once the clock strikes 10:30pm. I kid you not, I don't remember anything that happens after 10pm each night. Taylor has begun to mercilessly tease me about it, too, because I basically turn into a mombie and there's no escaping it. Apparently I had a whole conversation with him the other night... I remember none of it. Not a single word. I'm cursed.

I think my soul is the color of autumn. That could be taken in a lot of ways-- you know, like, "My soul is the color of things DYING," or "my soul is the color of firy leaves." I'll leave it up to you to interpret that as you will. But there's a lingering happiness that resides in my heart during the autumn months just because it's autumn.

My child is turning ONE tomorrow and I'm an emotional trainwreck because of it. I'm so excited for her birthday and all the fun things we have planned but yet I'm sitting here trying to add up how all those months passed in an attempt to make sense of the fact that it's somehow already been a whole year since we first met. MOTHERHOOD IS SO BITTERSWEET.

I've been cleaning out every nook and cranny in my home. Every closet, every storage box-- you name it, I've been reorganizing it, I'm sure. It's been really good for me, too. I feel as if I'm somehow decluttering my mind as I'm decluttering my physical spaces. I've always been a little too sentimental when it comes to "things." I've been trying to be better at being more intentional with my life and all the things I allow to be a part of it. It feels good.

Life is so chaotic... but I'm embracing the crazy.


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