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These happy lists are quickly becoming some of my favorite blog posts to write. It's fun to focus on the things that make me happy. We've got season passes to Cornbelly's (we get them every year) because we're extra. It's honestly one of my very favorite parts about this time of the year! Don't be surprised when you see us going twice a week until it closes. We got to go to opening night with our friends Blake, Ariauna, and Charlie and it was such a blast! The babies were so good and we got to stay and watch the firework show for opening night. It was magical! We basically ate our way through the place, too. We'd stop every ten minutes to get a new treat or snack and Billie made sure she got a nice, big taste of everything we were eating. She likes fall treats just like we do. **pay special attention to the photo of all of us on the tractor-train thing and notice that we somehow caught Tay mid-sneeze. HAHA

I've been grateful for all the extra cuddles Billie has been giving me lately. I often hear friends with babies around the same age as Billie saying that their kids no longer like to cuddle. That's not true of Billie. She climbs up into my lap on a regular basis just so she can be close to me and I absolutely adore it. I think she gets her cuddliness from her dad (he's the same way). 

We've spent a lot of time up in the mountains lately (what's new, eh?). It's been so fun to watch how the earth changes as the seasons change. Every time we're up there it looks like somewhere we've never been before because of how much change takes place every single day. That's why I love autumn so much (well, ONE of the many reasons why), it makes things feel new again. Also, enjoy that photo of Kingsley acting like a human child in Taylor's arms on one of our drives up the canyon. 

We were all blessed to have taken a collective family nap this past Sunday. It was pretty dang awesome. We put Billie down for her afternoon nap and then Tay and I went and climbed in our own bed. Before long, we found ourselves waking up and we didn't even realize that we had fallen asleep! Needless to say, we were a family of happy, well-rested individuals after we'd all caught some extra Z's. Tay always tells me that one of his favorite things is cuddling with Billie right after she wakes up. She's always extra cuddly and extra happy.

Billie and Charlie are quite the cute pair. They're a couple of mischief makers, though, that's for sure. It's hilarious to watch the two of them interacting with each other in various settings. They hold hands during diaper changes, kick each other in the face, and rip off each other's bows. I'm both excited and terrified to see how they'll interact as a couple of two year olds (they'll keep us on our toes, that's for sure). 

This little girl is so full of so much spunk, sass, love, and happiness. There aren't words adequate enough to really describe all that she is. She's my little best friend, as cheesy as it sounds. We spend  most of our days together (and I say "most" instead of "all" simply because I don't want to overgeneralize the vast amount of time we spent together... but at the same time, we're together 98% of the time. Just sayin). While it's slowly breaking my heart to watch her grow out of her baby days it's also the most exciting thing to watch her turn into a toddler. Parenthood is the definition of bittersweet.

We spent our Sunday evening with Taylor's sweet grandparents. We drove up to visit them and make them dinner. It was fun to have a little one-on-one time with them on a quiet Sunday evening. We chased Billie around for most of the night (to try to ensure she didn't a) hurt herself or b) damage something else) and then we all sat down for a dinner that Tay prepped for all of us (there are perks to marrying a man that not only likes to cook, but just so happens to be very, very good at it). Billie made a mess and I made an amateur mistake and forget to pack another outfit for her so she spent the remainder of the night naked. We will cherish these sweet photographs of Billie with her two great grandparents someday, I just know it. 

HA!! You thought I was done talking about Cornbelly's? Never. Never ever. I'm a proud season pass holder here and I won't be done going to Cornbelly's until it closes (I told you I was extra). This last week it has been on and off again raining in Utah. The evenings have been filled with thunderous lightning storms and buckets of rain. It has been magnificent. Tay and I will often lay in bed with our window wide open so we can enjoy watching the storm roll through-- but that's beside the point (though, it does make me happy!). The other day is dumped rain down from the heavens allllll afternoon and so that evening the air was nice and crisp. There are few things better than the feeling of the earth just after it rains. We opted to go to Cornbelly's despite the rainy forecast and it ended up being such a fun little visit. We waltzed through the muddy corn maze, played a few games, and watched the dog show before bowing out for the night to head home and put Billie back to bed. There was hardly anyone there due to the rain-- which made for the perfect little Cornbelly's trip.

There really is so much to be happy about during this time of the year. My insides are basically overflowing with joy thanks to all the pretty views, fun activities, and cozy sweaters that have become a part of my day-to-day life lately. There are so many reasons why I love this time of year but I don't think I could actually list out all the reasons. So here are a couple of photographs instead.

My happy, silly, beautiful, post-bath baby girl. She truly is a little ray of sunshine (and chaos) in this world. Tay and I feel like we won the baby lottery because she's the freakin' best. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS AND THOSE TEETH AND THOSE EYES AND JUST UGH. Everything about her is the best. She's the best. 

We went to the park on a rainy day. It was fun to watch Billie climb and scream and dance and scream some more. She likes the sound of her own voice (I don't blame her, either, cuz it's really cute when she screams). She looked so big standing there at the park on her own. It's weird to me that she's growing and changing because I truly cannot comprehend her being any bigger than she is right at this very second. But she changes and grows every day despite the fact that I keep telling her not to. We weren't at the park for long because Billie decided that I was more fun to climb on than the actual playground. But I sure didn't mind.

Sometimes I feel like a reallllllly lazy mom. You get so worn out so fast when you run around all day caring for a tiny human being. I haven't been feeling super great over the last few days and so I've been running out of energy quicker in the day than I normally do. But Billie has been so sweet and so patient with me. The other day she woke up from her nap just as I was about ready to fall asleep myself and I regretfully went and grabbed her from her bed and brought her back to my bed with me. I think she could tell that I was feeling a little yucky so she curled up right next to me and cuddled me until Tay got home. It was the sweetest little moment and I was so grateful that she was willing to just sit and relax with me for a moment so I didn't have to chase her around the house when I wasn't feeling well. 

This last photograph totally cracks me up. My toddler-- covered in rice, wearing an over-sized sweatshirt and rockin' her crazy hair amidst the mess of toys and Halloween decor she scattered across the living room floor. Her love for me is something I absolutely cherish. We can't even talk to each other and yet I feel more love from this tiny human than I have felt from most of the relationships in my life. She is absolutely heaven-sent. She's my best friend-- a product of the love I share with my other best friend. And it's all just really freakin' cool. TOO MANY FEELS.  

I really enjoy writing these little happy lists. They're often chaotic and not very organized but that's a pretty accurate representation of how I feel most of the time. This is such a sweet, sweet phase of life. I really do believe that one day I'm going to look back at this time in my life and think, "MAN, those were the good old days!" It makes me sad to think that these times will pass but I'm excited about what's to come. 


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