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We spent Saturday morning up at Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon with Tay's family. We rode the tram up to enjoy the view of mountaintops spread out around us in every direction. The ride up was one of the coolest parts, actually, because we coasted high above the pines below and it almost felt as if we were flying. 

It was a whopping twenty degrees cooler up at the top than it was down where the tram started, which was kind of crazy! It made us excited for when the temperatures down in the valley are averaging sixty degrees on a daily basis. I like summer, don't get me wrong, but I love autumn. And I've convinced Taylor to love that time of year almost as much as I do-- I'm proud of myself for that. 

We had some fun riding the mountain coaster and walking around taking in all the delicious scents coming from the various food tents that were set up for Oktoberfest. It really was a beautiful September day. It rained for about ten minutes when we first arrived but the sky cleared up very quickly and left the mountains bathed in delicious golden sunlight. The first signs of Fall are starting to show. Green is slowly turning to hues of gold and red. Utah is my very favorite during this time of the year. 

It was a good way to spend a day. But then again, I love any day I get to spend with my two favorite people. On a very, very unrelated note: we got the caramel apple freeze from Taco Bell over the weekend and we were very, very impressed. Remember those green apple-flavored suckers that are covered in caramel? Yeah, it tastes exactly like that and it's amazing. You're welcome. 


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