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We spent less than 24 hours down in Moab this weekend. After our morning/afternoon spent up at Snowbird, we headed straight down to Moab and got there just in time to watch the sun set among the red rocks. We met up with our good friends that were already down there. We snapped Billie into our hiking pack and headed out to enjoy the views before the sun sunk too low below the horizon. 

I've lived in Utah my whole life and, believe it or not, this was my very first trip down to Moab (I know, I know, I know, that's absolutely ridiculous, right). I've seen the place in photographs at least a hundred times but it sure is something else to be there and see it all for yourself. I was blown away by the majesty (is that the word I'm looking for?) of it. From a distance, everything looked so small (duh, right?) but as we got closer and closer the huge rocks got larger and larger and it felt kind of like an optical illusion. 

We climbed right up into the double arch and perched ourselves in the perfect spot to both watch the sunset as well as look back over our shoulders and watch the way the golden and pink light interacted with the beautiful red rock structures behind us. It was somethin' else. 

Once the sun had officially set, we grabbed a couple of blankets and made our way out to the other arch, where we cozied up in the perfect little nook (thanks to our friends who had found the spot last year when they went to Moab) to watch the stars from. There was a storm rolling in, so the sky was adorned with both glittering stars and huge, swooping dark clouds. The cool desert breeze was the perfect compliment to the warm sandstone upon which we rested. Ironically enough, the darker it got, the more we saw. I've never star gazed from the middle of the desert before-- I crossed it off my bucket list without ever realizing it was on it. 

The next morning we went for a drive through arches national park and stopped at a couple of fun little spots along the way. It was a balmy ninety-seven degrees (do yo sense the sarcasm there) and we were sweating bullets from the moment we stepped out of the cars. But it was worth it! 

We walked out to sandstone arch barefoot-- on the way up there is incredibly soft sand that makes you feel like you are on a tropical vacation. We walked along the shaded side of the slot canyon in order to not burn off our bare feet in the sand-- but the cool sand on our feet felt glorious!

We stopped by broken arch as well, and it didn't disappoint. We had the place all to ourselves for a moment, too, which was pretty neat. (It was likely because we were out there in the middle of the day in near-hundred degree temperatures, lol.) Billie was so intrigued by it all that she didn't even make a peep the whole way-- well, except for when she saw me pull out my water bottle. She knew I was going to share with her and it made her very excited. 

When you walked up through the arch and turned back to look through it, the arch framed the landscape behind it perfectly. It really was so stunning. Whoever said deserts aren't pretty has clearly never been to Moab. 

Anyway, we had to start heading back home after that, which was both sad and exciting-- sad because we weren't ready to leave yet but exciting because we now have a whole list of all the things we're going to do next time we head down to Moab. Who's coming with us?


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