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We took Billie to Cornbelly's. We'll probably take her approximately twenty more times before the year is over, too (we bought season passes because we are basic lol). I've been going to Cornbelly's since the first year it opened! Although, back then it was a just a couple of bouncy houses and some tents with random stuff in them. Still fun. Last year I was extra-excited to take my baby girl to Cornbelly's, though, because I was a whopping nine months pregnant and very excited to not be pregnant anymore. 

This year, as we walked through the entrance and caught a glimpse of all the fun things going on, my whole chest filled up with this inexplicable joy. WE HAD OUR BABY AT CORNBELLY'S!

We showed up pretty late, honestly, because I had a shoot beforehand. So by the time we got there, it was already dark and fairly close to closing. But we didn't care! We wandered about and took in all the sights and smells (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WONDERFUL SMELLS, OKAY). Billie's eyes were wide with wonder and she kept letting the happiest of screams escape those little lips of hers. 

There were so many little moments during the course of that evening where Billie looked and acted so big. It's really weird to me that she's almost a year old. She's going to start walking, talking, telling stories... HOW did she ever get so big SO fast? I'm in mom denial. 

We met up at Cornbelly's with Jake + Brooke and some of Billie's cousins! Troy and Billie are seven weeks apart and it's been a real blast having them so close in age. We plopped them down together on the back of the pumpkin carriage and were dying over the fact that this photo looks like one of those awkward first date photos. LOL! 

We spent the last little bit before Cornbelly's closed repeatedly going down a slide. It was hilarious because, when looking at it, it didn't look like much, but that thing SHOOTS you out the end and makes it nearly impossible to land on two feet. I took Billie down it and everyone who saw us come shooting out of the end was laughing hysterically. It was pretty dang funny, though.

One of my cute nieces then said she wanted to take a turn going down the slide with Billie and so we plopped Billie down on her lap at the top of the slide and the the two of them went flying down the slide together. 

We kept Billie up past her bedtime that night, so by the time we arrived home, she was sporting the cutest tired expression on her face. She was so expressive and excited to be at Cornbelly's all night that it was almost as if she forgot she was tired... until we got home, of course.

It was such a fun night together as a family. I'm excited for many more memories to be created as a family this year at our beloved Cornbelly's!


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