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It's been about half a month since the last time I wrote up a blog post. My bad. But I also don't need to apologize because this is my life and I can do what I want with it, right? It's been a BUSY couple of weeks, though. A good kind of busy, but busy is exhausting nonetheless. We found some spare time and went on a last-second little hike up to Battlecreek falls the other day (I don't even remember what day it was at this point). It ended up being the perfect little ending to our day. I've found that getting out and going on hikes not only makes me happy, but it calms me down and helps me to think, too. I'm grateful I live in a place where there are so many cool hikes just minutes away.

Billie has officially hit the age where she allows her curiosity to constantly encourage her to destroy anything and everything she can get her hands on. She's gotten really good at pulling things off of shelves (but also opening drawers and cupboards) and throwing everything onto the floor. I can't even be upset about it either because it's SO CUTE. 

Homegirl has gotten very good at throwin' shade. She's got the sassiest little facial expressions and they never fail to make me laugh. I sent these photos to Tay one day when he was at work and he STILL laughs every time he sees the first photo (I captioned it, "Cool but IDC" and Tay seriously hasn't stopped laughing since).

Kingsley has been an exceptionally good little pup for the last week or so and Taylor has been soaking up all the extra "Kingsles cuddles." lol. It's true, though. Kingsley struggled for a sec after we had Billie (yes, it's been eleven months since we had Billie and he really did struggle that entire time), but I think he finally overcame the weirdness. It probably helps that Billie feeds him crackers on a daily basis now. That's got to be it.

Lately Billie has been a little extra needy. I think it's because her teeth are giving her all kinds of grief so she needs some extra cuddles to combat the ouch of cutting teeth. That being said, she hasn't been more than a foot or so away from me for a few weeks now. It's really cute, too. She's go off and play by herself for a sec and then crawl right back to me as fast as she can and give me hugs. It makes me so happy every single time.

Those two top teeth that were causing all that drama finally popped through and we are all very excited about it, too. Teething is a beast, lemme tell ya, but it's so fun to see how much just a couple of little teeth can change her appearance. She's getting TOO BIG.

We went on a Sunday drive a few weeks back with two of our very good friends, Austin and Allie. We weren't exactly looking for it, but we found Fall! It's crazy how soon the leaves are changing this year. Something tells me it's going to be a quick change of seasons and before long it's going to feel more like winter than fall. They brought their cute pup, Moose, and Billie ADORES him.

All the stores seem to have whipped out their Halloween decor early this year (but I'm not mad about it). It makes me so, so happy every single time I walk past an aisle in a store that is decked out in Halloween decorations. This aisle, in particular, made me swoon. I love Halloween. 

I just think Kings looks so cute in this photo as he's showin' off our front porch. I made that fall wreath and I feel very proud of myself. I had no idea what I was doing and I just made it up as I went but I think it turned out so cute! It makes me happy every single time I see it.

The best part of our weekends is waking up, getting Billie, and putting her in bed with us so we can all cuddle. It melts my heart to see these two all cozied up in the wee hours of the morning. This week Billie couldn't stop yawning and stretching-- it was hilarious when she accidentally yawn-punched Tay in the face. Life is so good to us! Weekends are SO good to us!

These next few photos just make me happy, that's all there really is to say about them. I mean, just LOOK AT THEM! ALLLLL the heart eyes for my people. 

Kingsley likes to help with clean-up duty after Billie's meals. She's really good at making messes and Kingsley loves cleaning up after her. He rarely waits to me to actually remove her from her highchair,  too. He starts going to town the very moment I start lifting her out of the seat. His tongue tickles her toes and she squeals with delight. It's adorable.

For the longest time I couldn't see much of myself in Billie and that made me kinda sad because, ya know, I made her and all... but lately I've been seeing more and more of myself starting to show up in little glimpses. That's been making me happy, real happy.

This past week we got to see my grandpa, Bopbop (aka Billy!!) whom Billie is named after. It's always so much fun to see him with her. He was so honored that we named our baby after him. It's so neat to see my grandpa playing with my baby. I don't think I'll ever be "old enough" to be doing the things I'm doing in life (like getting married and poppin' out babies and stuff) but man, it's cool to be doing it all!

We went on a last-second family hike up AF canyon the other day. Tay got home from work and Billie was having one of her rough days, so we just loaded ourselves into the car with no real defined plan and headed to the mountains. We ended up stopping at this little trail we've never been on before and heading out on the path with no idea what to expect along the way. But MAN, it was beautiful! I want to go back there soon and go even further along the trail. Hiking in the fall is the best. We took Kingsley along without his leash and he spent the entire time sprinting back and forth up and down the trail. He was exhausted by the time we made it home that night. 

Billie loves spending time in the bathtub and the shower. The other day she was opting out of her morning nap (which is when I usually shower) so I just put her in the shower with me! I plopped her right down near my feet and gave her a couple of bath toys to keep her occupied. It was one of those moments that made me feel, you know? That perfect child playing at my feet was mine. She was mine!? And she'd occasionally just look up and me and give a great big smile before turning back to her toys to play. I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER!

Tay and I just keeping telling each other how blessed we are. Life has been so sweet to us. We've been blessed in so many ways that we can't even keep track of all the blessings. They far out-number the trials we've been given. It's easy to get caught up in all the bad stuff, but I want to always strive to focus on all the good stuff instead. 


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