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It looks like Billie has become the new face of my "happy list" posts. Homegirl is a very, very big source of happiness in my life (clearly). She's at such a fun age right now and it makes each new day a very unpredictable adventure. She's a little busy-body and constantly has to be doing things to keep herself entertained. She's gotten really good at playing on her own but every now and then she'll crawl right up into my lap and wait there as if she's trying to tell me, "Okay, Mom, I'm ready for whatever fun game you're going to play with me." She's been extra clingy (but not in a bad way) lately, too, so I've always got her little hands grabbing onto my shirt and pulling herself up so she can see right into my eyes. It's the sweetest thing. 

We went for an evening walk in the rain as a family the other day. We're not hot weather people, by any means. We're definitely more rainy, cool, autumn-y-weather kind of people. Which is why we choose to go for a walk when it was raining, I guess (we got a lot of very funny looks as cars passed us in the rain). We walked to sonic and got some mozzarella sticks (they're my favorite) and a couple of drinks and watched the sky as the dark storm clouds above allowed thousands of little rain drops to collide with the earth. Billie happily munched away on her mozzarella sticks while Tay and I talked about the goals we have as a little family. On our walk back home darts of lightning began to shoot across the sky. Billie's eyes widened in awe and just as we walked around the corner and our home pooped into view, we spotted a double rainbow. Pretty freakin' perfect, if you ask me. 

Ignore the water stains all over our back door-- that's irrelevant. What I want you to focus on is the fact that Billie LOVES her animals. She chases them around the house all day long and waits by the back door when they're outside hanging out. Sometimes, when she sees a dog/animal and we don't let her go and say hi (because we're in a hurry, the dog is really far away, etc.) she gets very, very upset with us. She's an animal lover, that's for sure!

Anytime I get to see Tay and Billie playing together or just hangin' out together, it makes me incredibly happy. It's so crazy to me that we have a kid together. I can't imagine life without her but it's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that she's OURS. She's a product of the love Tay and I share together and that's pretty freakin' rad. 

Another thing that makes Billie sassy is when we are taking too long to give her food. In this particular instance Tay was cooling off her breadstick so it wouldn't burn her mouth. She wasn't too happy about the fact that she wasn't eating the breadstick at that very instant and it was SO FUNNY. I want to always remember the hilarious things that tick her off at this age.

Billie is anxious to walk. She'll grab our hands and drag us off wherever she wants to go at any chance she can get. Sometimes she wants to walk but she's also tired so she's lazy about it-- she'll drag her feet along the ground and basically collapse into your arms. It's soooo cute! When she's not using our hands to support her while she walks, she's turning our entire body into her own personal jungle gym.

She likes to blow bubbles in her drinks and make herself laugh. Whenever she does that she makes me laugh as well. And the fact that she's made me laugh makes her laugh harder. So then I laugh harder.... you get the point. This kid is a hoot!

We drove up to Midway for Swiss Days over the weekend and the traffic down to Provo was so bad that we decided to take the scenic route (aka the long, off-road route) and drive up through American Fork Canyon instead of driving through Provo to get there. The air was cooler than it's been and it had a crisp little nip to it. There were bursts of red, yellow, and orange beginning to spot the hillside, too. It was perfect and it made my intense excitement for Fall well up inside my chest.

Billie walkin' around again. But these photos were taken during a very casual and very content moment in time. I don't really have to go to the extent of describing why, it just was. So the photos, in turn, make me happy. That's all. 

Billie recently decided that it's more fun to STAND in the tub rather than sit in the tub. She likes to give me heart attacks, I suppose. During this particular bath she literally would not stay seated on that cute little tush of hers and so I gave up on trying to fight her to stay down and just padded the tub around her instead. 

Me: "Billie, do not stand up in the tub!!"

My BFF Jill decided to move 700 miles away from me a year or so ago. But she comes back to visit every now and then. She came back to Utah for Labor Day weekend and it was such a blast! We hung out and recreated the "good ol' high school times" (don't be mistaken-- we don't miss high school, but we did have a lot of fun during those years.... even though they also sucked) by going for a drive up the canyon, eating Wendy's, and falling asleep on our couch watching TV in the wee hours of the night. It was so good to just hang out with her again. JILL, MOVE BACK TO UTAH!!

We recently got a map of Seoul, Korea to hang in our home. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Korea. I look forward to taking Billie back there (hopefully sometime soon!!). It was really sweet to see her slapping her hands down on the map and screaming excitedly over the pretty blue color (I think it's her favorite color, actually. She always gets extra happy when she's around blue things). It made me excited to take her back there someday. 

There are a million and one more things I could write about, but my sweet baby girl just woke up from her nap and I'm going to go and play with her instead. 



  1. I need to meet this cutie! Great post . . . but, you may want to reconsider the sentence that says
    your "house pooped into view" LOL

  2. I need to meet this cutie! Great post . . . but, you may want to reconsider the sentence that says
    your "house pooped into view" LOL


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