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We took Billie to the Museum of Natural History at Thanksgiving Point for the first time. We have a special place in our heart for that magical place (I love dinosaurs, okay?). I grew up going to the dinosaur museum so it was kind of a surreal moment to look down and realize that the time had finally come for me to take my own kid to the museum. Taylor and I couldn't help but to keep shaking our heads in disbelief. How do we have a kid? Okay, don't answer that question haha.

Billie was having the time of her life, though! We had originally planned on going out on a hike, but Utah's air quality has been really crappy thanks to all the fires going on, so we opted to do something indoors instead. I'm glad we did, too. It was a whole lot of fun to watch Billie study her surroundings and try to figure out all the different things she experienced as we walked through the various displays.

Maybe it's silly that we took our nine month old to a museum, but at the same time, we just love watching her experience new things. Sure, she won't remember this trip to the dinosaur museum, but we will. And something tells me that, when she's older, she'll love hearing stories about all the adventures she got to go on as a baby.

We love our brave, curious, happy, energetic, smart, vibrant, sweet, beautiful baby girl. We enjoy getting to share some of the things we love in life with her. We especially enjoy watching her reactions as she experiences things for the first time. We used to daydream about what it would be like to share some of our favorite adventures with a baby of our own someday... and now here we are, in the middle of it all. It still seems so surreal. 

We climbed into the photo booth in the lobby of the museum as a family before we left. Tay and I have made it somewhat of a tradition to take photos in the photo booth at the dinosaur museum. We have a photo strip from our senior year of high school, our first year of marriage, and now from the first time Billie went to the dinosaur museum. It's kind of a fun little memento, if you ask me.

Anyway, turns out, getting "stuck inside" wasn't so bad after all. And our little Saturday date night as a family turned out to be a fun little adventure. We ended up getting some food from the cutest little deli at Thanksgiving Point before returning home for the night (it's part of our dinosaur museum tradition). Anyway, that's all I really have to say for now.


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