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WELP, I did it. I got bangs. I've actually been talking about doing it for about eight months now, but I was so nervous (and also a little against getting them in the summer when my forehead is always sticky and sweaty). I promised myself, however, that once the weather started cooling down, I'd get bangs. So, here I am. Promises are promises, ya know, even the ones you make to yourself. 

**Don't mind the fact that I have some serious bedhead going on in these photos (I did an okay job at hiding it, but still). 

I'm excited. They were just the change I needed (and they help hide all the regrowth from my postpartum hair loss... win-win). Sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone and do something you want to do EVEN when you're terrified that you may not like the results. You'll never know unless you try. Besides, when it comes to hair, it just hair. It'll grow back (eventually).


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