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We had an open evening last week and decided to use the free time to get up into the mountains with a few of our very, very favorite people. We made it up there just in time to watch the light in the sky fade to dusk. I think blue hour in the mountains may just be one of my very favorite things. We spread out a quilt among the wildflowers and plopped ourselves down to enjoy the view. Billie was squirming about in my arms, the dogs were running free, and the boys set out with cameras in hand to photograph anything that caught their attention.

Austin took some portraits of Taylor that I really love. It's always fun for me to see the people I love documented by someone other than myself. Photography is all about perspective and each of us has a different way in which we see the world and the people around us. Anyway, Tay is one handsome baby daddy and I'm glad that he's mine!

I don't really have words to go with the rest of the photos in this post, but it was a really, really good night. We didn't head back down the mountain until the sun had already set. We watched the shadowy figures of trees passing by our windows as we made our way back down to the valley below. Billie fell asleep in her carseat holding my finger and Tay and I talked about all the things we're grateful for in life. It was the perfect mid-week reset for us and I'm just grateful to live so close to so many beautiful places. 


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