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Billie has become the wiggliest little wiggle worm in all the land. The soft patter of her little hands making contact with ground as she's scootin' to and fro has become a constant thing in our home. She can get in and out of everything. And also... everything ends up in her mouth, too. Dog food, toys, wood chips, blankets, you name it. You can imagine how not-so-great of a combo those two things are when you're trying to keep your infant out of harms way, but hey, we're all surviving so far! This is a fun (and exhausting) phase of babyhood. She puts a smile on my face every single day.

We like to read a book or two to Billie every night before we put her to bed. It's so fun to hold her close and watch her get cozy as she points to the illustrations in the books and eagerly turns the pages to see what bright and colorful image will come up next.  It's one of those simple, seemingly-insignificant things that welcomes immense amounts of happiness into my heart.

Billie is extra, extra ticklish on her ribcage. But mostly just when you tickle her with your chin, for some reason. When we want to get her really laughing, that's what we do. We pull her in close and tickle her just below her armpit, right on her ribcage with the point of our chins and she starts howling with laughter every. single. time. It's the perfect way to make any day a good day.

I call Billie my "little monkey girl" because of the way she likes to be held. But also because of the way she's always climbing all over everything-- including me. When I pick her up she immediately assumes "monkey position," which is when she reaches out to me with her little arms and curls up her legs to fit perfectly around my waist before she even meets it. As soon as I place her on my hip she clings to my clothing and pulls herself close to me, ready to join me in any adventure I may carry her away on. I love this little monkey girl with all my heart. 

We took a lot of selfies together this week, Billie and I. For some reason, some of my very favorite photos with her are the selfies. I think it's partly because the reaction she has in the photos is the way she's responding to seeing the both of us together looking back at ourselves through the screen of the phone. She has the cutest responses to that. Which, like I said, is why I think the selfies we take together are some of my favorites. 

She's growing up too fast. Her new favorite activity is pulling herself up onto everything that will semi-support her. She's going to be walking before I know it... but for now I'll just enjoy that cute little diapered-bum as she wobbly pulls herself up onto various objects and then screams with delight once she realizes how big and strong she is. 

I got to attend a little event with Downeast the other day. Billie wasn't bad... but she wasn't exactly good either.  She was anxious and bored being trapped in that little room and we ran out of things to entertain her very quickly. She tried on multiple occasions to escape by crawling under the door and proceeded to high pitch scream when I stopped her before she could succeed. It was both hilarious but also nightmarish all at the same time. Long story short, the sweet girls at the store were so helpful and understanding and I felt all these random women I'd never met before rallying behind me in the task of motherhood. It will be a while before I'm brave enough to go clothing shopping with Billie again, but I'll always remember how funny the circumstances were when I see this photograph. These are the good ol' days, I'm tellin' ya! And I won't take any of the struggles that come with being a young mom with a baby for granted because someday it's all going to be over all all I'm going to have are the memories.

We got to hang out with my BFF/sister-in-law and her kids the other day. We set up camp in their backyard beside their new backyard splash pad! It is always a good day when we get to hang out at the splash pad. Billie loves this one little spot where the water doesn't shoot out as high-- she spends her time sitting next to the little spout and trying to figure out a way to "grab" the streams of water shooting out of the ground. It's both hilarious and adorable. I'm grateful for the time we get to spend outside in the sun and playing in the water.

Billie's two little teeth that poke out when she grins make me so happy. She's become such a little cheeser and those itty bitty teeth make all the cheesy smiles that much better. She's got me swooning over her chubby cheeks and those sweet little smiles that she so willingly shares with others. 

Every Saturday morning, when Billie wakes up, we go and get her and then bring her back to our bed and then we all just hang out and cuddle for a second. Taylor has said on multiple occasions that this is one of his favorite parts of every week. It's the cutest thing ever to watch Billie squirming about in Taylor's arms while he tries to get a couple extra minutes of sleep. 

This picture makes me happy because it's a very accurate representation of my very happy baby girl. She's a light in this world and anyone who gets the chance to know her and be around her is truly blessed. She's an angel.

There are very few things in this world that are cuter than photographs of Billie eating mashed potatoes and pasta. So here you go, these pictures make me very, very happy and now they can make you happy too. 

This moment was frustrating, but now that I can look back on it, it's more hilarious than anything. Billie was SO tired and SO grumpy and all she wanted to do was take a nap. But, because she was tired and grumpy, she refused to take a nap and instead decided to whine at me for half an hour while she crawled around and destroyed her room. Eventually I got her to fall asleep because I picked her up and cradled her in my arms while rocking her in the cozy rocking chair in the corner of her nursery. Which brings us to....

Billie has taken more naps in my arms this week than she's taken in her bed. Sometimes it's easy to be frustrated when your baby is being extra needy-- especially when you have so much to do... but every time my baby girl curls up in my embrace and gives into sleep, it becomes the most precious, sweet,  and tender experience. She's growing up so fast and I'm just trying to embrace the tender moments as they come.

Homegirl got her hands on a big ol' bag of sour patch kids and proceeded to dump the contents of it all over the living room floor. By the time I got to her, she was shoveling fistfuls of candy into her mouth like her life depended on it. It was the funniest thing I've seen all week. She had me laughing so hard that I couldn't even be mad at her-- though, I was a little frantic about making sure she didn't choke on her mouthful of sticky candy.

Billie was a little model for one of our very favorite bow companies, baby bling bows this past month. She adores being the center of attention, to say the least, and it was fun for me to watch her soaking up the spotlight. Anytime she had cameras pointed in her direction, she'd get impossibly smiley and flirty and it was adorable! It's also just fun to have photos of Billie that someone other than me took.

The cutest thing EVER is the way Billie reacts every day when Tay comes home from work. She gets the biggest grin on her face (that shows off her two little teeth), and then she starts bouncing up and down with a great deal of energy and screaming due to pure excitement. It makes me laugh every single time. It's quite the welcome home, if you ask me. Tay always proceeds to pick Billie up, cuddle her, and play with her. He's such a good dad for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is the fact that he dedicates his first half hour of being at home after work each day to spending time with his little miss.

Life is good to us. We're happy.


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