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Ten months. An age brimming with curiosity and crowned with the determination to become more independent. She's starting to slim down a bit (believe it or not, I know, I know, she's still got rolls on rolls on rolls)-- I blame that on the constant wiggling and crawling and climbing (and soon to be walking)! She still loves animals and she still loves pulling on Kingsley's ears. She's pretty serious about wanting to move around on her own two feet these days too. She's constantly pulling herself up onto anything she can manage-- my legs, the couch, the dog, her toys-- and cruising around on those two little feet as often as possible. She likes the sound of her own voice and can often be found babbling on about her days in the cutest baby lingo you ever did hear. She is a very content child. She knows how to communicate what she wants and doesn't feel the need to fuss or whine unless she needs something. She shares her toothy smile with anyone and everyone who chooses to take a moment out of their day and acknowledge her. She loves her mamma and her daddy. She loves everyone, really, but she extra loves us. She gives really good cuddles and likes to pat your arm when you hug her (it's very, very sweet). She always prefers to be outside but she manages to find ways to keep herself entertained inside as well. She eats like a champ, sleeps like a champ, and plays like a champ. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and has gotten quite good at making faces at her reflection. She laughs just to laugh and she likes to make us laugh too. She's the light of our lives and it's hard to believe that she wasn't officially a part of our lives until a mere ten months ago.

She's changed life for the better.
Happy ten months, baby girl. 


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