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Yesterday we dropped off my little brother, Kallin, at the Provo Missionary Training Center. He has officially started his two year service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I told him not to make me cry... but he did. We all went to Denny's for breakfast before heading over to the Provo Temple to spend our last moments together with Kallin before sending him off to live in Ukraine for two whole years.

It's crazy to think that Billie will be almost three by the time he comes back. I wanted to make sure to get a couple of photos of Kallin and Billie together so I could print one out and put it up in my house so that we can hopefully help Billie remember who he is while he's gone. I also just can't believe that my little brother is old enough to be going on a mission. I still remember when he was a little baby getting all of his teeth and all of us (the older siblings) would play a game called "who can keep their finger in the teething, biting baby's mouth the longest while he bites them." Now that once-little teething babe is holding my now teething babe. LIFE, man, it goes fast. 

It's weird to think that my parents now only have two kids living at home! Back in the day, they had eight little stinkers running around causing all kinds of havoc... and now they're down to two (who cause much less havoc and mostly just chill these days). My youngest brother, Korden, is going to be a sophomore in high school and I still can't seem to wrap my head around that fact. The poor kid is definitely going to be missing his older brother. Heck, before we know it, HE will be going on a mission too.

We had some our cousins from Arizona up for the week as well.  These boys are all the youngest cousins in the family. It's fun to see them all together! Cayman (red shirt) actually just got back from his mission. They had all the rest of us laughing pretty hard over the odd ways in which they chose to bid Kallin farewell.

My mom has now sent off five missionaries and yet she claims it doesn't ever get any easier for her to see them go. She was hugging Kallin like crazy and we just kept teasing her about it.  

Anyway, he had a really great group of people there to support him on the day he left for his mission. We are all so excited for him and just a little sad for us. We had a couple of people facetiming in because they weren't able to be there for him in person, even. He is one incredibly loved dude.

I'm also low-key convinced that Kallin is an exact clone of my dad. We have compared pictures of my dad when he was Kallin's age to the way Kallin looks now and the similarity is uncanny! It will be interesting to see if Kallin continues to look like my dad as he grows older.

It's only been a day but man, I miss him already! He left me feeling all weepy and tender-hearted after we dropped him off yesterday. It's going to be a long but somehow also quick two years, I think. I can't wait to follow along on his mission adventures. 

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