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I know everyone says this and it's totally cliche, BUT, holidays with a kid are so much more fun. I've always been the kind of person who gets really into holiday celebrations (even before we had Billie), but it means so much more to me now that I go all-out on her behalf. Obviously she won't be able to remember her first few years of holidays, but for me it's all about the tradition of it. I want her to have things to look forward to each year and I want to have photographs for her to look back on when she's older. 

Tay had to go in to work for a couple hours on the morning of the 4th so Billie girl and I just  hung out and I soaked up all the extra cuddles before we headed out to participate in all of the festivities. I got our whole family patriotic shirts to wear and Tay just kept making fun of me for it (that's his way of showing that he loves me hahaha). Billie girl was so happy when Tay got home, though. I LOVE how much they love each other. (Also, can we all just take a minute to appreciate her rolls?)

Tay's family always does a big Fourth of July breakfast up at his grandparent's house so that's where we went to start the day! It's debatably Taylor's favorite meal of the entire year (and for good reason). Billie loved it too-- we LOVE that she eats solid foods now. It's so much fun watching her interact with and experience foods for the first time. She loves food so much. Must be a genetic thing because both of her parents have an equally intense love for consuming food (lol). 

I snapped a couple of photos of Billie girl in her fourth of July outfit so we could remember how cute she looked. I'm actually way glad that we did this too because she ended up having a blow out not too long afterwards. #motherhood

We had a whole bunch of "chill" time in the middle of the day (which we actually were very grateful for. Holidays take a lot out of you so you need some time to just sit and do nothing, right?) Billie actually ended up taking a three hour nap between five and eight so she was ready to go for all of the fireworks later that evening. She's never done that before, but of all the days for her to do so, she picked the perfect one! Thanks to her champ nap, she was happy and awake until 12:30am! She's the real MVP.

I almost shed a couple of tears over her first reaction to seeing fireworks. Her whole face lit up with joy as the sky lit up with color. She just kept clapping and laughing and screaming and making every single person around her happy.

Last year during the Independence Day firework celebrations, my family came up with the bright idea of jumping through the fireworks as they were going off. I didn't participate because I was six months pregnant... so I was determined to participate this year. Needless to say, I think the whole firework-near-death-experience has magically turned itself into a new Fourth of July tradition.

No more words are necessary beyond this point. I'm just going to go ahead and end the word portion of this post here and let you know that below this point there's nothin' but a whole lot of photos of people being stupid. That's all. I hope everyone else had a fun, exciting, and wonderful Fourth of July! (WE sure did!)


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