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We have a couple of favorite spots up Provo Canyon. We had a free evening open last week (literally the one day in the last month where we've had an evening free to do what we want) and opted to use our free time to pack a pizza up to the mountains and eat it with a view. We met our friends there (they recently moved to Heber so Provo is now our middle ground) and it ended up being the most perfect spontaneous night in the mountains. 

Teething can be a real beast. It's been getting the best of all of us lately-- whenever Billie gets fussy, however, the sure-fire way to make her happy is to get her outside. She's an outdoors girl for sure, that one. She calms down almost as instantly as she is outside. It's adorable. (The pizza probably also played a role in her happiness... she's her father's child, there's no doubt about that.)

I always tease Blake and Ariauna that they better get used to having photos taken of them if they keep hanging out with us. That's part of the deal hahaha. But really, there's nothing I love more than documenting life. That being said, I'm also not the type of girl who misses out on the moment while it's happening because I'm too busy trying to document it. There's always a balance to find.

Anyway, our mountainous pizza picnic went well. I'd actually recommend it, really. I mean, if you can get over the bugs and stuff, then it's great! It's nice to just disconnect from the rest of the world for a second. Nothin' but you, some loved ones, the mountains, and pizza. It's the equation for a perfect summer night, if you ask me. 

We started heading back down the mountain when the sun began to set; the babies were rubbing their tired eyes and we decided we'd better start heading home before it got too late. We all piled back into the car and braced ourselves for the dusty dirt road traveling we had to do before making it back to a paved road. Billie fell asleep in her carseat almost instantly! (She's in a big girl carseat now and my heart cannot handle it.)

The sunset was absolutely stunning. It was bursting with color and light and we couldn't help but to pull over again just to watch it transform the sky. The whole valley was spread out nicely for us to see as the sun put on a show before heading off to bed. It was one of those moments where I was grateful that we had nowhere to be and nothing to do otherwise we would have missed to opportunity to just stop and take it all in. 

We ended up acting like a bunch of teenagers and deciding to do a couple of "lifts" as we enjoyed the pretty colors of the sunset. I'd run and jump up into Taylor's arms and he'd attempt to lift me above his head. It was working well until Taylor almost broke his own neck because he dropped my entire body on his head. hahahaha. Hilarious... but also dangerous.

Blake and Ariauna tried it too. Needless to say, we were all in a fit of laughter by the end of it. I'm grateful that we have them in our lives!

It really did end up being the perfect end to the perfect evening. I think it's important to have a day with no plans every once in a while so you can fill up your plan-less day with a whole bunch spontaneity. Those kind of days always end up being my favorite kind of days.


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