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We went on a mini road-trip out to the Bonneville Salt Flats a week (or so) ago. I had a bridal session out there and Tay was sweet enough to come with me (it's a 2.5 hour drive from where we live). So being in the car with Tay and Billie for five hours was fun! We're weird and we like spending time together in the car. We listened to a true crime podcast (I'm a total sucker for true crime podcasts) and had a bunch of awesome snacks. Also, I just love how cool and diverse Utah is in terms of its geography. I would genuinely miss all the unique and beautiful places there are in Utah if we ever chose to move. 

Billie has been extra, extra sweet this past week. She's got two little teeth that finally broke through and she's been much more content since they made their grand appearance. She's the best little buddy. Each morning when she wakes up I go and grab her from her bed and bring her back to my bed where we just cuddle and chill for a little bit. I look forward to it every day.

Billie does all sorts of funny tricks with her tongue these days. And her silly little tricks never fail to make me laugh. It's almost as if she's trying to see just how long her tongue is, at times. And, at other times, it seems as if she's just experimenting to see how far it can twist or turn in various directions. It's all funny, though (but also very adorable). 

Billie has become quite the little busy body (understatement). She's constantly getting into things, getting stuck under things, and finding new things to put in her mouth. We can't ever get her to hold still anymore. It's both the most exciting and fun stage of babyhood so far... but also the most terrifying (again, understatement). For reals, though, I've got to watch this kid like a hawk! BUT, all angst aside, it's been so fun to watch her curiosity bloom and grow as she discovers the world around her. Like I said, this stage has been SO fun (but soooooooo tiring too). 

Here's a photo of me bawling after we dropped my younger brother off at the MTC to start his two year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. Okay, don't get me wrong, I'm so incredibly excited for him... but I'm also incredibly selfish and I'm gonna miss him like crazy, okay? BUT the fact that I love him (and miss him) so much makes me happy. That's why this picture of me crying is ironically being included in my happy list.

Billie doesn't simply eat... she devours. It's almost as if she's too excited to actually put the food in her mouth that the second it's in her hands or placed in front of her, she can't contain herself and she starts frantically munching on anything and everything she can get to her mouth the fastest. Oh, how we love our Billie girl and her love of food. 

The fact that we put two infants on the car ride at the carnival is still cracking me up (zoom in on their faces and you'll laugh too). My cute niece and nephews wanted to take Billie and their baby brother on some of the smaller rides at the carnival. Each of them took a turn taking Billie on a ride of their choice and I just stood on the sidelines laughing over her reaction to the new experience. 

I could write about a million more things... but I think I'll save those for the next happy list. Tonight I'm going to go and hang out with my cute husband and baby. Weekends are fleeting, man. So I'm gonna go and spend the time we have left of this one with my people. 


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