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Wind tasseled hair and the scent of meat cookin' on the barbecue. A summer storm was rolling in faster than we could snap our fingers but the sky allowed a moment of sunshine to trickle through long enough for us to enjoy half an hour at the park. 

We made a goal to spend time outside every day this summer-- even if that means a short half an hour at the park ten minutes away from home, we promised ourselves we'd make it happen. It's funny how much good simply spending time outside does for the soul.

We put Billie in a swing for the first time in her life. I think it's safe to say that she enjoyed the experience.  She had a big ol' grin spread from cheek to chubby cheek the entire time she was in it. It's fun to come up with new experiences to share with her. The world is so different when you're looking at it while trying to come up with fun things for your baby to experience for the very first time.

The first time we put Billie down in the grass she wasn't the biggest fan. She doesn't mind it at all, now. I'd even dare to say that she quite enjoys it (she often tries to ingest it). She's an outside kinda girl. With her going through all this fun teething stuff, sometimes the only thing that can soothe her is being outside. So we utilize that as often as possible, naturally.

There are few things in this world that can make me happier than when I'm watching Tay and Billie together. They're pretty darn cute. I've told Tay this a million times by now (at least), but one of the reasons I was excited to marry him was because I knew he'd be a great dad. He has gone above and beyond in terms of being a father to our Billie Rose. She and I are lucky to have him. 

Thanks to teething she loves putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. We couldn't keep her little gums off of Kingsley's leash (which was both hilarious but slightly concerning). You win some and you lose some, I guess.

 This phase of life has been so sweet. My heart is full (and my hands are too). I know that one day I'll be old and grey and I'll look back at this time of life and smile. I always try to live life knowing that someday I'll miss the phase of life I'm in. It helps me put things into perspective and really focus on enjoying the moment while it's here. 

 Hopefully this summer will be filled with lots and lots of days spent at the park. I look forward to all the moments we've yet to experience.


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