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Here we are again! Yet another post about our Iceland travels (sorry it's taking me a million years to get these put together). Our trip to Iceland still feels more like a dream than something that actually happened. Whenever someone brings up our Iceland trip I have to remind myself that it actually happened and that a place as beautiful as Iceland actually exists-- it's not just a figment of my imagination. I think the most common question we've gotten about the trip is, "So... what did you even do while you were there?"

Let me answer that in one simple sentence: we drove a lot and saw a whole bunch of waterfalls.

And we loved every second of it. I can't even tell you how amazing the views are in Iceland. It really did feel as if we'd been transported to a whole different planet and that we'd left earth far, far behind. I'm dedicating this post to just a few of the really, truly beautiful places we were able to visit while we were road-tripping through Iceland.

The first waterfall we visited is located about three hours north of Reykjavik, where we were staying. You've likely already seen a photo of this specific waterfall-- I'd seen so many photos of it myself, but before we actually made a plan for our trip, I didn't realize it was in Iceland. This waterfall is known as Kirkjufellsfoss. It's nestled up next to one of the coolest shaped mountains and the cutest, possibly smallest town I've ever seen. 

We pulled into a gravel parking lot and saw the falls off in the distance. The sky above was frosted in thick, grey clouds that hung low enough to cling to the mountains below them. We stepped out of our quaint little rental car and felt the soft kiss of cool raindrops pressing against our cheeks. It was spectacular. We pulled Billie out of her carseat and walked towards the roaring sound of water colliding with water until we were right up next to the falls. 

Our visit to this waterfall left us brimming with excitement and wonder. We were having a blast-- even though we spent more than half of our time in the car cruising down small roads in the middle of what felt like nowhere. But it was beautiful, everything was beautiful. We found ourselves pulling over at least once every hour just to be able to really take in the views and appreciate the scenery around us. We'd get Billie out of her carseat and we'd run around outside for a second while exclaiming, "How is this even real!?" repeatedly until it came time to get back in the car and continue our driving travels. We did our best to appreciate the breathtaking sights, the famous sights, and all the sights in between. There truly is nothing quite like road-tripping through Iceland.

I think it's safe to say that my favorite waterfall was Seljalandsfoss. It was located about two (or so) hours south of Reykjavik and you could see it from a mile a way. It's one of those places where you can't just drive on by it without stopping. We didn't exactly have a plan to stop at these falls... but I am ever so glad that we did! Like I said, it was my favorite out of all the waterfalls we visited!

These falls were extra special because you could walk right up behind where the water was thundering down from up above. It was impossible to get close without getting soaked but that was just part of the experience! We strapped Billie on my back in her baby carrier and we took off.

Like I said, this was probably my favorite place we visited while we were there. We went on a day that was a little colder and it ended up working in our favor simply because it wasn't very busy at all. I could have sat behind that waterfall and watch the water for hours. 

Another favorite waterfall was, of course, Skogafoss (which is debatably the most popular and well-known waterfall in Iceland). Walking up to Skogafoss felt like waltzing into a whole new world. The colors, the sound, the feeling of being near such a powerful force of nature... it was spectacular. Birds circled in every direction up above and a heavy mist drenched everything in sight. We wanted to get up close and personal with this waterfall and found ourselves soaked even when we were standing fifty feet away from it. 

Billie turned six months old on the day we found ourselves tucked away within the wonder of Skogafoss. I'll always have fond memories of these photos we took of her in front of the falls. We couldn't believe she was six months old already.... and we couldn't believe we were in Iceland. It was one of those super surreal life moments where nothing makes sense and because of that somehow everything makes sense. Do you know what I mean? All of these photos turned out a little blurry because it was pretty dark and the all of the water was throwing off our camera... but the blur gives them a little more character and I'm actually pretty in love with the way they turned out.

About an hour or so south of Skogafoss resides Vik and it's beautiful black sand beach. This was debatably one of the places we were most excited to visit when we were first planning all of the stops we'd make along the way as we ventured through southern Iceland. It did not disappoint. It was actually the warmest location out of all the places we visited during the trip. The sun even came out for a minute, just to say hello. 

It was so cool to see the contrast of the dark sand to the yellowy, detailed rock that jutted up from the beach. If you glanced out beyond the shore a short ways, you could see more sharp, monstrous rock formations cutting up through the ocean's surface. Tay and I both agreed that the rocks beyond the shore made us feel somewhat eery-- I don't even know how to explain it!

A nice stranger approached us while I was snapping some photos of Billie and Tay and offered to take a photos of the three of us together. I was super excited because it can be hard to get photos of the whole fam when we're traveling. When the man handed back my camera I chuckled a bit because the photo was a wee bit out of focus... but it ended up being cool because it caught all the cool details of the rocks behind us! We have a whole collection of blurry photographs taken by strangers during our various trips. It's actually one of my favorite things. 

At one point we plopped Billie right down in the sand. A cute little smile spread across her face almost instantly and I'm sure it's because the black sand was warming up her tushy. She'd reach out with those chubby little fingers and grab fist-fulls of sand only to attempt to eat it-- which we prevented (mostly, at least). She loved it, though! She was chirping (do babies chirp? Billie chirps) and smiling and smashing her hands into the sand like she was having the time of her life. 

It's so fun to have photographs like these, though. I'm excited to show them to her one day when she's a little older. We'll tell her stories of the time she went with us to Iceland-- she became a world traveller at just six months old. 

We dared to venture even further away from our airbnb and head out to a spectacular canyon that everyone highly encouraged us to see. The drive out there was honestly so lovely. The sky seemed extra big and extra blue. We were laughing the whole way out because we were both trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of the place we were going: Fjaðrárgljúfur. I don't think we'll ever be able to pronounce it right... so we refer to it as "the canyon thingy." 

When were about a mile and a half away from where Siri was telling us to go when we encountered a closed gate and a sign that read, "CLOSED FOR THE SEASON." We'd driven an extra hour and a half to see this beautiful place (which added a total of three extra hours of car travel to our journey) and we were SO close and yet so far. We sat in the car for a moment as we tried to decide whether or not it would be worth it to us to try and make the trek out there with a baby on our back. 

Eventually Tay looked over at me and exclaimed, "We'll be kicking ourselves if we don't do it!" And so, a little nervously, we packed up some necessities into a backpack, bundled up Billie and strapped her to my back, then set off in hopes that our extra effort to see this "must see" place would pay off.

Let me tell ya... it was worth it. All of the extra effort we had to go through in order to make it out to this view was completely, 100% worth it.

We stood on a ledge looking out at the vibrant, turquoise water winding its way through the dark rocks and we could hardly believe our eyes. Even Billie offered her complete attention to the beauty and we all the three of us shared a quiet moment taking it all in. The benefit of having to hike out there was the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves. We'd never experienced anything like that before. 

We got to see so many beautiful places and experience so many new things. Our hearts felt as if they were bursting at the seams throughout the entire trip. The best part about all of it was simply the fact that we got to experience it all together-- as a family. This world has so much to offer us. There are so many places to go, things to see, people to meet, experiences to be had-- I just hope that we can continually fill up our hearts and our minds with beautiful experiences and memories such as these. 


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