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We went on an impromptu  excursion as a family into the Utah mountains over the weekend. We didn't have much of a plan, but we had a desire to be outside. (Fun fact: Billie does very well when we take her outside. She'll be fussy and grumpy because of teething but the moment we get her out and into nature it soothes her almost instantly.) We let fate lead the way and kind of just ended up at Cascade Springs after deciding to head up American Fork Canyon. 

Cascade Springs is insanely beautiful right now! The last time we were there was probably mid-September and it was much less lush and green. This time around, however, there was so much more to look at, it seemed. There are paved walkways and and a whole lot of pretty things to see, so it's worth a little visit, especially if you've never before been there.

Sweet Billie girl has been munchin' on anything she can get those little gums on. Poor girl. Teething is not fun at all... for any of us! But it sure is cute to watch Billie chomp on a large variety of unexpected things. One of her favorite things the munch on lately has been the side of her baby carrier. It's always soaked by the time we take her out of it. 

Billie recently mastered the art of pointing her little fingers at everything. She's also gotten really good at poking my face with her rigid pointer finger (it cracks me up every single time). She was whipping her head around in every direction in an attempt to see everything around us and pointing her tiny fingers at everything we passed. I love that she loves being outside as much as we do. 

We stopped to dip her little chubby toes in the cool water before heading back to the car. It startled her at first, but before long, she was jumping up and down and using her cute pointer finger to point down at the water whenever we went to pull her away from it. She's a water baby for sure. It will be fun to watch how her interactions with water change as she continues to grow and learn about the world around her.

By the time we headed back to the car and got her all situated in her carseat, she was ready for a nap. She zonked out in no time, so we opted to drive up the dirt road that lead us through the mountains and out into Midway. Billie managed to stay asleep for the entire drive.

Tay's been talking about this mexican restaurant up in Midway for a while so we figured it was the perfect opportunity for us to finally stop in for dinner. They have a salsa bar with an insanely large assortment of salsas to pick from. Tay's favorite one is the honey chipotle and my favorite is.... well, ALL of the green ones. I was in the mood for some tacos and they didn't disappoint! I even shared some of the steak out of my tacos with both Billie and Kingsley (lol). I think we all agreed that it tasted pretty dang good.

 We watched the sun sink lower and lower in the sky, casting a warm haze across the mountains off in the distance. It was the perfect end to the perfect Saturday evening. We were all together, our bellies were warm, and we were perfectly content. I'm glad that we decided to go on a last-second outdoor adventure. It was just what we needed and proved to be the most perfect little adventure. 


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