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Last Saturday we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point's Ashton Gardens with a couple of friends. I've lived in Utah basically my whole life and I'd never gone to the tulip festival before this year. I really enjoyed the time we spent there-- it was seriously pretty, but next time I probably won't go on a Saturday (because it was very crowded).

Blake and Ariauna (our friends who went with us) have a sweet baby girl named Charlie Rose (so she and Billie share a middle name) who is only about three months younger than our Billie girl. It's been so fun to watch them grow together! We may or may not force them into being best friends (hahahaha).

A sweet bystander offered to take a couple of photos of Tay, Billie, and me... and these are the shots we ended up with. I think my favorite photos ever are the awkward (and usually out of focus) shots of our little family taken by random (but very kind) strangers. They're hilarious. 

It was SUCH a warm day, so we put Billie in a cute lil' summer outfit. It would be a shame to not show off those chubby thighs, you know? We plopped her down next to a bed of flowers and a whole group of asian tourists stopped to "ooh" and "ahhh" over her while unashamedly snapping photos of her on their ipads. It made my whole day (and made me miss Korea). 

I've said it a million times before, but weekends are the best because I get to spend time with both Billie and Tay. It's fun to see Tay be a dad. He's filled that role so well. The warm weather made me excited for Summer and all of the adventures yet to come. Everything is more fun with a baby, if you ask me (I mean, we did have to cut our visit to the tulip festival a little short thanks to a fussy and grumpy Billie Rose, but we still had fun)!

Billie has been teething recently, so when she got grumpy, we called it a day and started heading back to the car (both husbands used the grumpy baby as an excuse to leave lol). We had to park in the overflow lot (told you it was crowded) but decided to just walk from the gardens back to the lot rather than going through the hassle of waiting in line and riding the shuttle back. Although the walk back to the car really wasn't long at all, by the time we made it back to our vehicle, Billie was out cold and enjoying a nap in her stroller. We had to figure out how to transfer her out of the stroller and back into her carseat without waking her up. #parenthood

The transfer wasn't exactly a success, but I guess her little nap was sufficient enough to put her in a good mood again because Billie girl was happy as a clam. This kid and her smiles MELT MY HEART.

Little outings like this are totally doable with a baby, it just takes a LITTLE more planning than it did before. It really is such a blast to be able to share little moments and experiences like these with our baby girl. She makes it all the more worth remembering.


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