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I had an engagement session up at the capitol building last night and I somehow managed to talk Tay and Billie into driving up to Salt Lake with me. Our good friends Blake, Ariauna, and their cute daughter Charlie came along for the adventure as well! It was honestly such a perfect night. Once I finished shooting the session, we all just hung out around the capitol building and watched the sun set behind the mountains off in the east. 

Billie is officially seven months old (as of yesterday). She's our little ray of sunshine (and she needs to stop growing up... my heart can't handle how big she's getting). She's been so much fun this last month. The sass is strong with this one (I'm probably to blame for that... there's no doubt she gets it from her momma). She loves *screaming at extremely high pitches at inopportune moments (like every time we're in public) and being the center of attention. *when I say "screaming," it's the happy kind of scream... at least, it's usually the happy kind of scream. 

She's getting to the age where we have to work a little harder to keep her entertained. Her curiosity makes her want to be constantly on the move. So we find ourselves always doing things to keep her boredom at bay; we spin her around in circles at high speeds, toss her into the air (don't worry, we always catch her), and dance to try and keep her in a state of contentment. 

**At one point in the middle of my session I looked over and saw these three carrying two strollers up the front steps of the capitol and I just about died. LOL

Our cute friends (Blake + Ariauna) have a baby girl who's just a few months younger than Billie girl. Her name is Charlie and we're low-key obsessed with her. She and Billie share a middle name so we always joke that they're destined to be best friends. Fun fact: Tay and I actually went to middle school/high school with Blake and now he works at the same place Tay works! It's a lot of fun to have friends with a baby just a couple of months younger than our own baby. 

We were all laughing so hard over this shot of Billie and Charlie outside of the capitol building. It looks like it could be the album cover for a rapper or a campaign poster for the 2020 Presidential Election. #BillieAndCharlie2020

Last night's weather really was so perfect. It wasn't too warm or too cold-- just somewhere between (which left us feeling very comfortable throughout the evening). We sprawled out on the grass and let our conversation lead the way into various (and probably very unrelated) topics. Countless people walked up and down the building's steps and several groups of people would stop to smile and wave at the babies. Our evening was filled with smiles (that's how we knew it was good day). 

While we were sitting out on the lawn, a man showed up with a bright orange bucket and a couple of poles. We weren't quite sure what was going on initially, but before long he wow'ed us (and everyone else at the capitol) by revealing the fact that his bucket and poles were a magical bubble-making contraption. With very little effort he managed to gather a crowd by standing on the grass with earphones popped into his ears and sending off bubble after bubble into the darkening blue sky above. It was rather enchanting. I gained a lot of respect for this random stranger who went out of his way to make a bunch of strangers' days. I want to be more like the bubble-makin' man. 

It was fun to watch the babies watching the bubbles (ignore that poorly constructed sentence, you know what I mean). I don't think Billie had ever seen bubbles before that, so it was kind of fun for her to be introduced to the magic of bubbles in such a grand way. She kept stretching out her little hands towards the army of colorful bubbles continuously floating before her. When she wasn't reaching for the bubbles, she was reaching for Charlie's head (and the grass lol). 

We didn't have many plans for our little Salt Lake excursion, but it turned out to be the perfect little adventure to end a busy, busy week. At the end of the night, as we were driving home, we talked about how we want to really take the time to appreciate Utah this summer. There are so many beautiful places to go and fun thing to do-- it's about time we start going out of our way to experience all that Utah has to offer (we've only lived here for 20+ years.... haha it's about time). 

Anyway, the Utah State Capitol really is so beautiful! It's the perfect place for an summer evening hang-out, if you ask me. There is always so much going on and so many people to watch (if you're into people-watching, that is). If you've never been there, go! And if you have been there... still go!


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