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Seven months. Seven busy, wonderful, beautiful, and sometimes challenging months of being a mother to the coolest person I've ever met. Seriously, she's the coolest. She adds so much joy, flare, and madness to our lives. She's so small yet so big all at the same time. She makes us question everything we think we know and teaches us something new every single day. She thinks it's funny to squeal as loudly as she can in the highest pitch known to man just so she can watch our reactions. She laughs... a lot. And she can go from happy to grumpy in less than five seconds (it's actually quite impressive). She's got so many rolls that we've actually lost count of how many rolls she has. And I have no hair... partly because of postpartum hair loss, but mostly because of Billie and her hair-pulling fetish. 

please appreciate the fact that her ear is folded over underneath her headband in this shot. LOL.
She's got a toothless grandpa smile and she's starting to grow some hair (kinda). Her favorite mode of transportation is rolling. I'll put her down in the living room to play and the next thing I know, she's in the kitchen. But she doesn't crawl, she rolls. She's happiest when she's wearing absolutely nothing, but she has to compromise because we always insist on putting her in at least a diaper. She loves being outside. LOVES IT. She likes squishing her toes in grass and often tries to eat dirt. Her best friends are our cat, Fred and our dog, Kingsley. She probably likes them because she likes tugging on their fur (sorry, guys). She is really good at making us laugh (like reallllllly good). She loves bath time, food time, and cuddle time... but boycotts nap time. 

She's already super independent despite the fact that she still can't do a lot of things by herself. But she wants to, she desperately wants to. It's been fun to watch her try to navigate her way through life. She picks up on things really quickly and when she accomplishes something new she always looks up to us and smiles. It's almost as if she's trying to say, "Look mom, look dad, I did it!" 

The jump from six months to seven months seems more significant than the others. It's no different than jumping from five months to six months or four months to five months... but it feels different nonetheless. I sat rocking her in her room the other night, just before we put her to bed, and I felt an overwhelming sadness because she's getting so big. Obviously that's not a bad thing, but it's hard to acknowledge that my baby won't always be a baby. But then, almost instantly, I felt overwhelming excitement at the thought of watching her continue to grow and learn. She really is getting so big, though. Does anybody know how to freeze time? 

As always, I'm just grateful to be her mom. I'm grateful for the opportunity to watch her grow. I'm grateful that she is a part of my life. She's already such a rad person and she can't even walk or talk. I can't wait to see how her personality changes and grows as she does. 


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