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This trip was so needed. We'd been getting a little stir-crazy because we hadn't gone on a trip since about June of last year (okay, I lied, we went to California in February... so really, we just hadn't been on a plane since June of last year). We were also anxious leading up to it simply because traveling with a baby was obviously a whole new ball game for us and we weren't entirely sure what to expect. That being said, things turned out better than we ever imagined they would!

We did a LOT of research when it came to traveling with a baby (and when I say "research," I really just mean we googled... a lot). I am the type of person who stresses as much as humanly possible about everything while Taylor is the type of person who remains calm and says, "it's all going to work out, don't worry, it will be fine." Needless to say, it was good that I stressed about it because we went into everything very prepared, but it was also good that Tay remained calm and collected because once we got to the airport and began our travels, I adapted to his "it's all going to work out, it will be fine" mentality.

We came across this nifty baby-carrying suitcase online when we were prepping for our trip. We're the type of people who prefer to pack light when it comes to traveling (we just really hate the hassle of checking bags and having a bunch of stuff to lug around the airport). We usually take four bags AT MOST when we go on international trips (a camera bag, a personal bag, and two carry-ons). We somehow managed to stick to that rule even though we were also packing for a baby this time around. We packed everything (diapers and all) into two carry-ons, a diaper bag, and a camera bag. This stroller suitcase was one of our two carry-on bags! It made our time at the airport very simple, very relaxed, and very easy. Plus it was just hilarious to hear all of the amused comments being made by random strangers as we wheeled baby girl around on a suitcase!

Billie was honestly very, very good. She got a little grumpy right before we boarded our plane and I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me a wee bit anxious at the time, but once we got ourselves settled on the plane we just had to entertain her for a bit before we took off and she did great from that point on.

We thought long and hard about whether or not we were going to bring our dockatot on this trip. Initially, we decided against it... but at the last second we decided that we should simply because the whole reason we got the dockatot in the first place was because we intended to travel with it. And let me just say, I AM SO GLAD WE BROUGHT IT WITH US!!! (The enthusiasm was very, very necessary for that last statement.)

We laid it across our laps and it ended up being the most perfect airplane situation with an infant. She slept for the entire first flight (and ended up sleeping for most of the flight to Iceland as well). At one point we even had a moment where we were hanging out at the airport before boarding one of our flights so we put the dockatot on a bench and Billie took an hour-long nap in the middle of the airport. I'm telling you-- it was a total game-changer for us. Plus, it was just nice to be able to give Billie her "own space" so we weren't holding her the entire time. That way she didn't get sick of us. Tay and I kept joking that the dockatot was worth it even if we only ever used it for this trip.

It really was so fun to travel with Billie. I think having her with us made all of the traveling seem to pass a whole lost faster than it usually does (aka when we travel with just the two of us). She kept us busy, that's for sure! But she also kept us laughing. The whole time, basically. She's been so much fun. She is brimming with curiosity and wonder and, as her parents, it's fun to watch her try to figure things out.

We did have a big blowout between flights, though. There was a slight complication while Taylor was trying to pick up our boarding passes for our flight to Iceland (for some reason they were really struggling with figuring out how to print off Billie's boarding pass), so we had to sit and wait for a long and very unanticipated period of time while the airline tried to sort things out. Billie started to grunt and her face started to turn red and in that moment I knew we were in trouble. Taylor walked up just as I was getting ready to rush off with Billie to the bathroom. I think the only thing I said to him was, "Watch our bags!! Love you!!" as I took off in desperate search of a place to change Billie's bum.

Needless to say... I threw away both the onesie and the pants she was wearing at the time. I don't need to go into further detail, I'm sure. I walked back to where Taylor was waiting with all of our luggage and he laughed when he saw that I was carrying a practically naked child through the airport. #parenthood

We fed Billie, made it to our gate (just in the knick of time!!), boarded our plane, and she was asleep before the plane even took off (I was a little jealous). She slept for a lot of the flight, too. At one point there was a little more noise going on in the plane so we turned on white noise on our phones and put earphones in her ears. I still can't deiced if that's a parenting win or a parenting fail... but she looked so dang cute with earphones in her ears!

When we started our descent into Reykjavik, Billie was out cold. We were worried that the altitude changes would cause a lot of pressure/pain in her ears and it would wake her up. Tay tried to get her to wake up enough that she'd start sucking on her binky... but she was sooooo deep in her slumber that nothing would wake her up. She literally slept through the entire descent and landing (even when Taylor was desperately trying to wake her up). It was hilarious!

We landed in Iceland at 4:30am (Iceland time). Billie woke up when we had to put her in the baby carrier in order to leave the aircraft and board a shuttle that took us to the main part of the airport. She was so tired... but so sweet! We waited while Tay ran and figured everything out with the car rental place. By the time he returned, Billie had fallen asleep in her baby carrier on my chest.

The travels went remarkably well but we were still exhausted by the time we checked in to our airbnb  a little early. Billie had slept (but not for as long as she usually sleeps through the night) but Tay and I hadn't slept at all. So once we arrive at our airbnb, we dropped all of our bags in the entryway and headed straight for the bed. I can't tell you how long we napped... but it was just what we needed to have the energy to kick off our trip!

I cannot wait to share more about our Iceland adventures! But for now, this is where I'll end.

To be continued...



  1. Why did you chose Iceland? Was it part of Taylor's mission?

    1. Our favorite movie actually just so happens to be The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! In that movie the main character visits Iceland and so we've wanted to go for ourselves for a long time. It's not a part of Taylor's mission, but he did have the opportunity to teach an Icelandic family that was living in Norway, so that was another reason why he wanted to visit Iceland!

  2. Why did you chose Iceland? Was it part of Taylor's mission?

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