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On our first day in Iceland we followed a million tour buses in our little rental car and made up our own version of the Golden Circle tour (which was actually nothing like the real tour whatsoever because we got very sidetracked, but oh well). We stayed in an airbnb in Reykjavik for the duration of our trip, so we'd take "day trips" out to the various places we wanted to see. 

Our first stop on our first day trip in Iceland was Gullfoss (aka golden falls). It. Was. MASSIVE! If you look closely at the photos of the waterfall you can see tons of itty bitty people standing off to the side of it. 

The moment we stepped out of the car, our ears were blasted by the sound of rushing water and the roaring wind. The closer we got to the roar of rushing water, the more we began to feel the cool mist on our cheeks being spit out from the waterfall below. It truly was spectacular. Billie wasn't all that impressed, though, (maybe because the wind power-blasting her face distracted her too much from appreciating the view).

A kind german dude in his mid-twenties saw us snapping photos in front of the waterfalls and offered to take a couple of shots of our whole family. So nice of him, right? Before we knew it, he was handing our camera back to us and we didn't even know that he'd taken a photo (hence the first photos below). We were laughing so hard over our awkward facial expressions. Total candid (awkwardly candid) shot. 

The second time around he made sure to count very slowly in order to ensure that we knew when he was taking the photograph (lol). Stupid Americans.

I know that Billie won't actually be able to remember this trip. "Why'd you take your baby, it's not like she's going to remember it." But really, we took her along on the adventure for us. We're creating memories and chasing after experiences and we wanted to be with her. Maybe she won't remember the trip, but we sure will. And seeing as it was our first international trip with her, it will always have an extra special place in my heart. 

We made a stop at the Geysir and enjoyed watching all of the various bystanders from different countries yelp with excitement when the water would burst forth from the ground. There was one couple in particular that was so animated and so surprised when the water shot up to the sky that Taylor and I could hardly even contain our laughter. It was hilariously adorable.

Our favorite part of this day, however, was hands-down our visit to Fridheimar where we ate lunch in a cute tomato greenhouse. We weren't really sure what to expect, but everything we'd read online and heard from friends suggested that this was a "must visit" place. And I couldn't agree more! 

Per usual, we got a couple of funny looks when we waltzed on in with a baby, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Billie was so good throughout the entire meal. She just kept smiling up at me as she munched on her fingers. 

 Now, there are a couple of interesting things about this greenhouse restaurant. #1: It's only open for a couple of hours a day-- don't quote me on this, but I think it's open from about 11:00am-4:00pm (or something similar to that). And #2: everything on the menu is tomato flavored. GUYS, Taylor is most certainly not a tomato-lovin' dude, but he loved this place (well, we both did)!

There weren't many things on the menu (I think there was a total of three different meals you could try), but they had an all-you-can-eat tomato soup option that we both decided sounded fantastic. They had fresh basil that you could cut up right into your bowl as well as other yummy options to add to your soup in order to mix it up a little. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. 

For dessert we ordered a tomato cheesecake along with tomato ice cream. We were both just curious to see what tomato-flavored desserts would taste like! I was a little apprehensive at first, but after taking just one bite, I blown away! It definitely tasted like tomatoes... but in the best way possible. I have no words to explain it all, it's just something you'd have to try for yourself. 

This day really was SO fun. But also we were soooo tired. Jetlag + parenthood = a real butt-kicking. We retired to our airbnb a little earlier than we anticipated and crashed for the night. We are full-believers in taking "breaks" while traveling. We enjoy everything much more when we're not prying our eyes open with our fingers in order to stay awake. Good thing we rested up, though, because the days that followed were packed with experiences I will never forget!


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