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We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in California with a couple of our very best friends! We had a similar trip all planned out last May, but due to the fact that I was pregnant and dealing with a tough bout of morning sickness, it didn't happen. Thankfully this year we were able to pull through and MAN, it was a trip to remember! Yes, we did, in fact, take two separate road trips to California in the month of May... which made May a little hectic (but I wouldn't have had it any other way). This whole trip is the kind of trip I never want to forget (aka get ready for photo overload). 

We left Utah around 5pm on Thursday evening and arrived at our Airbnb in Anaheim around 2:30am (which is pretty good considering how many pitstops we made). We all headed straight to bed so we'd be ready to go for thirteen jam-packed hours of fun at Disneyland the next day. 

We met Austin at Allen's Camera on my birthday two years ago. He introduced us to Allie and then we all became best friends. No really, that's what happened. They're the honorary adopted aunt and uncle to Billie girl. Sometimes I can't even wrap my head around the fact that we haven't always been friends-- that's how close we are! It was so much freaking fun to spend the day at Disney with them. The park wasn't crowded at all, which we thought was pretty surprising (we weren't mad about it, though), we got to ride all the rides we were wanting to ride, and we indulged in a lot of food (probably too much).

We had a lunch reservation at Cafe Orleans. I'd never actually been to a sit-down restaurant in Disneyland (my family was more of the grab a corndog and go kinda family), so it was a fun a new experience for me! It was also nice to have a little break to sit down, eat, and let Billie hang out somewhere other than in her stroller or my arms (she's at the age where she gets very bored if she's doing the same thing for too long). 

Tay's been a rockstar and has been stickin' to his keto diet like a champ. He's been sooooo good. I, on the other hand, have been very good at persistently encouraging him to "cheat" on his keto diet. I mean, you can't be on a diet when you're on vactaion-- let alone when you're at Disneyland. Needless to say, we peer pressured him into eating non-keto-friendly food. I don't think he was really that mad at us, though.

This trip was fun because we tried to really include Billie in our mealtimes. We've opted to introduce her to solid foods via baby-led weaning (basically she eats the same foods we eat... but she feeds herself and decides which foods she actually wants to try) and it was such a blast watching her experience so many new tastes and textures. It's hilarious because every time she tries a new food her facial expression would make you think she doesn't like it... she scrunches up her nose and makes a "yuck" face, only to put the food back in her mouth for a second until she finally smiles. 

She wasn't napping super well in her stroller this time around... which meant that I got a couple of hours of uninterrupted cuddles while we were at the park! I'd strap her into her baby carrier and she'd zonk out. It was actually surprising how well she slept on my chest in the baby carrier in the middle of Disneyland; we made it through half of lunch, lots of walking, and a couple of rides before she woke up. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was warm (but not quite hot) and the sun would sneak behind clouds often enough that it wasn't too sunny throughout the day. Going to Disneyland with a baby is a different, obviously, but it doesn't have to slow you down! Between the Maxpass and the Rider Swap program (it allows everyone to ride the ride even though the baby can't ride every ride) we were able to ride every single ride we wanted to ride.... twice. 

Billie was such a good sport! She's in the middle of getting to experience the joys of teething, so she was a bit grumpier than usual, but overall she did awesome. She threw out a couple of stank faces throughout the day but thankfully they weren't backed up by screaming. She's a saint, I'm telling ya.

Allie and Austin were sweet enough to let Tay and I ride a couple of rides together (when you're a parent, that's one of those things you really, really appreciate). Back in high school I would always tell my mom that I thought Disneyland was the most romantic place ever (especially during the holiday months). It was fun to be able to roam around Disneyland with the love of my life. It was also fun to see photos of his face every time we got off of a ride. LOL.

We ended the night watching the electric parade-- it was my first time seeing it (Billie's too) and OH MY GOSH. It was seriously amazing. Like, I was almost in tears. Disneyland seriously is the most magical place on the face of the planet. I can't wait to keep making memories there with my sweet Billie girl. 

I think it's safe to say that Billie is as in love with Disneyland as I am. As we walked away from the park that night, we all kept commenting on how it was the most perfect Disney day. It was so relaxing and chill, but also full of so many fun things. I don't even know how those two things could fit together, but they somehow did. It was all such a dream.

We spent our Saturday morning meeting Allie's family and then we all headed towards the ocean to spend the afternoon together at the beach. It was Billie's first real "beach day" and it was a total success. She played in the sand, put her feet in the ocean, and enjoyed a two hour nap under a makeshift umbrella contraption consisting of swaddles, the diaper bag, and her stroller.

We laid out under the sun for a bit (I always joke that my skin is so white, it's see-through) before jumping up and playing a bit of frisbee along the sand. It was fun to jump into the water and feel the cool waves lapping against my legs while the sun warmed my skin. There really is nothing quite like being at the beach. That's one thing I wish Utah had... but since it doesn't, I guess we'll just have to keep venturing off to California to get enough vitamin sea. 

We were pretty good about keeping Billie in the shade and putting sunscreen on her but she still got a little bit of sun. She's got little tan-lines in her arm rolls and her cheeks got a little rosy. Tay's entire body got fried! And I got a little color.... but very small amounts of it. Fun fact about me: I don't burn. But I also don't get tan. I basically just stay the same color. It's so weird! I've never met another person with fair skin who doesn't get sunburned. It really is so bizarre.

The rest of our trip involved a lot of lounging, chillin', and loved ones. It really was just what we needed. We keep joking that the trip felt more like a week-long trip rather than just a weekend trip (can't complain about that, I guess). 

Billie is such a good little road trip buddy. She's so good at adapting and going with the flow. She's the whole reason we're still able to go on adventures simply because she's so chill. We're grateful for our little adventure baby. And for the opportunity to go on adventures. And we're grateful for good friends to go on adventures with. 

We left California around 8pm on Sunday evening and didn't roll back into Utah until about 6am. So yeah, we drove through the night (again). Our weekend was great, but as always, it's just good to be home.


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