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Tay and I went to see the new Avengers movie this last week (we went to a late showing and I'm amazed we managed to stay awake!) and we loved it! I'm not going to really elaborate on that, but yeah, it was very good. // This warm weather gives me life! It's been so fun to enjoy more and more time outside as the weather just keeps getting warmer and warmer. // Tay and I spent the entire weekend listening to a podcast about a high school girl who got murdered in the 90's (I can't help it, I love stuff about murders, serial killers, etc.) and we weren't able to finish it so now I have to wait for him to get home from work to finish it! But it's making me so excited. It's been a total blast listening to it with him. // By the end of today I'll be all caught up with work and have all the sessions I shot last week edited and sent off. I'm patting myself on the back for that one. // The way Billie's face lights up with a smile whenever she sees Kingsley or our cat, Fred. // Billie's thunder thighs. Those suckers belong at the top of every happy list for the rest of forever. // We bought a new mattress online!! It hasn't come yet... but I'm very excited to hopefully not wake up feeling like an eighty year old man every morning once it arrives. // The fact that bath time saves our butts when Billie is teething. This girl is a bath time lover. She'll be screaming and upset and the moment she hears the bathwater start running, she calms down. It's like magic. //

Billie is seriously the most hilarious tiny human. She's got a whole assortment of ridiculous faces that she pulls on a regular basis and I can't even imitate half of them because they're just that good. Her and all her crazy facial expressions make me happy every single day. 

 We somehow managed to acquire an old dress that my mom wore when SHE was a baby. We put Billie in it on Sunday for church, and when we met up with my mom, we pointed out the dress and it blew her mind! It was so fun to watch her reaction to seeing her granddaughter wearing a dress she wore when she was a tiny human herself. So we had to snap a couple of pictures of Billie in my mom's old dress while she being held by my mom (because why not, ya know?).  

Although teething totally sucks, the faces Billie makes because she's teething are pretty dang hilarious. She's is continuously making what we like to call the "grandpa face," which is when she scrunches up her nose and opens her mouth in the weirdest way until it reveals her gums. I kid you not, she looks like a toothless grandpa whenever she does it. I laugh every single time. 

 Annnnnnnd last but not least on this little happy list of mine, these sweet photos of Billie. Yes, she's teething, but yes, she also somehow manages to still be the sweetest little babe in all the land. I don't know how she does it, really. But she makes us fall more and more in love with her every single day.


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