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We've done a lot of crazy things in our lifetime (more specifically, we've done a lot of crazy things in our short two and a half years of marriage). Sometimes we get these ideas in our head and, without actually thinking about it, we act on it. This past weekend turned into one of those crazy circumstances where we acted on ideas without putting much thought into it-- but I'm so glad that we did.

We had planned on meeting up with Tay's brother and our cute sister-in-law in California all along, but a couple of unexpected things came up and we weren't able to leave as soon as we would have liked. Which meant that we kind of thought we weren't going to go at all... but then we did. We left our house Thursday evening at 7pm and drove through the night until we arrived in Newport Beach at 4:30 in the morning. Doing stuff like that is crazy, but you can always catch up on sleep when you arrive at your destination, right? ... unless you have a baby, that is. So we pulled into our vacation rental and climbed into bed around 4:30am after we transferred our happily sleeping babe out of her carseat and into her bed. We got to sleep for a grand total for forty-five minutes until Billie decided it was time to wake up for the day. We were SO TIRED (but we survived)!!! 

We did lounge around for a couple of hours to try and overcome the feeling of being zombies... it kind of helped. Taylor kept falling asleep wherever he sat down. And Billie made sure we gave her our full, undivided attention for most of the morning. Good thing she's cute. ;)

Having a sister-in-law who has a baby so close in age to Billie has honestly been such a blast so far. I love watching Troy and Billie play and interact with each other. Billie LOVES being around him, too. She's always reaching out and trying to hold his hand when he's nearby. Sometimes I still can't believe how perfectly the timing worked out-- Troy and Billie are just seven short weeks apart. Totally not planned, but totally awesome. They didn't look that much alike when they were first born, but I feel as if the older they get, the more they look alike (except Troy is tan and Billie is definitely not hahaha). They're now old enough to fight over toys, though. So that's hilarious.

 We had a casual, fun day walking along the beachfront, getting shakes at Ruby's on the pier, and hanging out with Jake, Brooke, and little Troy. It was colder than we were expecting it to be, but it was still warmer than Utah, so we couldn't complain! It was just fun getting to be with people we adore in cute Newport Beach (I swear, it's one of the most photographable places. Every inch of Newport is so dang cute). 

We got a butterfinger shake from Ruby's. Butterfinger is my favorite shake flavor! It's actually been my favorite since I was about eight years old. Tay has converted and now whenever we share shakes he always makes sure it's butterfinger (he's an angel and he's so good to me). 

Brooke and I always joke that we married brothers so that we could be related to each other. We didn't even know each other before we married into the same family... but it worked out nicely because we are so similar in so many ways. How convenient that I found my BFF in the family I got to marry into? I freaking love her. 

Tay and I always joke that our relationship is good simply because of how many road trips we've gone on. Our favorite newlywed advice is, "Go on lots of road trips together. There's no better marriage therapy than lots of time together in a car." And we really do believe that! This trip had a fun twist simply because we drove through the night and we hadn't really done that before. But, now we have and it's a fun story to tell!

I guess you don't need a week-long trip to make it feel "worth it." You don't even need a full weekend trip-- you just need a day and enough time to travel back and forth to make it enough fun to be worth it! I'm still laughing that this trip happened the way that it did. This was the shortest trip we've taken since we've been married and it was still such a blast! We were a little sad that the weather wasn't good enough to sit out on the beach all day, but we made it work with the situation we were given. And things turned out beautifully nonetheless.

We ended up spontaneously ending the night going to Ruth's Christ (per Tay's request). We didn't exactly think through that decision either, because we took our infants with us. The moment we walked through the doors, we started getting all sorts of funny looks from other people at the restaurant. Whoops. That being said, BOTH of our babes were SO good. Several tables filled with drunk adults were much more disruptive than the two babies that were drawing in all of the funny looks. By the end of our meal we actually had a few different individuals approach us just to tell us how good the kids were. I'm considering that a success!

We woke up the next morning and headed off to Utah basically as soon as we got up. The babies sat on the couch and waited patiently as we packed everything up and got things ready to go. Again, I love them so much. And I LOVE seeing them hangin' out together. (Please notice how Billie is caressing Troy's face in one photo and Troy is laying on Billie's shoulder in another). 

Billie is such a good little traveller but she definitely needs little breaks from her carseat when we're driving for long periods of time. We took a pitstop in Primm, Nevada and Billie was acting like she was too cool for us until Tay finally managed to coax out a smile. I think the biggest thing with keeping Billie girl happy on road trips is just keeping her entertained, fed, and making sure she has a clean bum. If those things are taken care of, she does great! At one point during the trip she got sick of her toys so I let her play with my hair and she was so excited. It was adorable (and also kind of painful). 

Anyway, this post was not very well written and had no real organization... but, hey! That just means it was a very, VERY accurate representation of my current mental state. #Motherhood I just love documenting things here on my blog because it's so easy for me to go back and re-read through the experiences we had during our trip. 

I'm just going to go ahead and end the post here. But also, we discovered this new beef jerky on this trip that was quite life-changing, if I do say so myself. If you like jerky and you like pizza, your life will not be complete until you try this stuff. You're welcome.



  1. How fun! I love california, especially Newport!

  2. This looks like a really fun day trip! California is one of my favorite places to visit!


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