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WELL, we've been back from our family trip to Iceland for about a week now... and MAN, is it good to be home. I'm sure I'll write up a post about our Iceland endeavor at another time, but that's just too much for me to commit to today (it's been a long couple of days, okay). There really is nothing like coming home after a trip, though. I don't even know how to describe it, it's just awesome.

I was so nervous that an international trip was going to mess up Billie's sleeping habits (because she had been doing so well before the trip), but to my pleasant surprise, she's handled all of the adjustments like a total champ. She was sleeping through the night in Iceland and she's been sleeping through the night now that we're home (she's been struggling with her naps throughout the day, but I really can't complain because she's adjusted so well to every unexpected circumstance we've thrown ourselves into).

Billie turned six months old while we were in Iceland. So we celebrated her half birthday halfway across the world (I think I'm so clever). Watching her experience Iceland made the trip extra special for us. She's at such a fun age. She's freaking hilarious and so curious about the world around her. She grabs anything she can get her chubby little hands on.  She also eats everything she can get her hands on... we're still getting used to that.

Anyway, we're home. We had maybe a day to adjust to being back in "real life" before real life started  rapidly throwing all of our responsibilities back in our face. We've barely had time to breathe! (If I'm being honest, we've still got half of our bags sitting in our upstairs hallway waiting to be unpacked.)

Adulthood, man, it's quite the ride.


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