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WELL, I've been quite the slacker and I neglected to write a post dedicated to Billie turning four months old... and here we are, a week and a half after she turned five months old. So, still slacking. But I'm tryin' to make up for it. Being a mom puts you in some kind of a weird time warp where you forget things more often and you have no idea what's going on 99.9% of the time. It's fantastic. 

Our sweet little chunk is FIVE. MONTHS. OLD. What? She's nearly made it halfway through her first year of life and I'm just trying to add up all of the days that she's been alive and make sure that it's actually been that long since the moment she took her first breath. Being pregnant was the worst because time crawled ever so slowly and it felt like I'd never not be pregnant. Things move much faster on this end of things. 

Homegirl has got some muscle on her (it's there, it's hidden under all those precious rolls, but it's definitely there). She's so strong and it kills me. I've tried out some of the things she does on a regular basis (i.e. holding her head, arms, and legs up in superman position while laying on her belly) and some of those things are a LOT harder than they look. I'm sure it's even harder when you're a tiny babe and your head is disproportionately huge in comparison to the rest of your tiny body. Babies are really impressive, okay?

She's so much fun right now. She keeps me laughing every single day. She's obsessed with making fake fart noises while puckering her lips in the most impossible way, she loves sucking on her hands (and on anything she can manage to get her hands on), she enjoys tugging (rather viciously) on Kingsley's (poor) ears, she's always getting her hands all tangled up in my hair, and she enjoys repeatedly caressing Tay's facial hair. Her favorite part of the day is bath time. She splashes so much every time we put her in the tub that she soaks the rug that sits beside it. And my shirt. Every time. 

She loves flailing her arms about on her play mat, excitedly jumping around in her bouncer, and shaking any toy that ends up in her little hands. She's constantly babbling away and filling up my mornings with the happiest sounding squeals. She's been sleeping so well in her own room, too. One of my personal favorite parts of the day is going into her room in the mornings to get her once she's woken up. She always, always, always greets me with the biggest, happiest, sweetest smiles. 

She always wants to be sitting up. You can almost always find her in her "perma-crunch" position (pictured below). She's very determined to be bigger than she actually is. It's both hilarious and terrifying, to be honest. She needs a little help to actually sit herself up, but she sits all on her own (she's figured out how to prop herself up on her little arms). She's also figured out how to roll over, too. This little girl is always full of surprises. 

 I'm so grateful that I am the one who gets to be her mom. It is the greatest thing I'll ever do and I'll always be extra, extra grateful that she's mine. She teaches me, makes me laugh, and enriches even the littlest details of my life. She's my little ray of sunshine.

Happy five months, little one.


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