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The weather over the weekend was beyond incredible! The sun was shining and it actually felt warm outside (not that the same could be said of today... but I'm never mad about stormy, overcast weather because I'm biased and it's my favorite). Heck, it was warm enough to actually bust Billie's legs out of their warm hiding place inside of all her fleece pajamas. Those chubby thighs are just too dang scrumptious to be kept in hibernation any longer. #freethelegs

Sidenote: these photos of Tay and Billie together have become some of my new favorite photos. I love them both so much. And I love watching the two of them together. 

Billie had three different easter outfits this year because I'm extra and she's too dang cute, okay? (But also because she's been rather barfy lately and she soaked a couple of them and I was left with no choice but to put her in a new outfit on more than one occasion... good thing I had backups. lol.) I looked like a hot mess all weekend long, but at least she looked adorable (okay, who am I kidding, I always look like a hot mess and she always looks adorable. We're like the yin and yang of appearance hahaha). 

Growing up, my family had the tradition of giving my sisters and me dresses for Easter. So, in an effort to honor that long-standing tradition, I got Billie a dress and put it in her little easter basket for her. I know, I know, she's too tiny to remember that she even got an easter basket... but when it comes to holiday traditions, it's just so much fun for me to do them-- EVEN when my kid is too young to really appreciate it.  

Our Easter baskets this year were very simple. Tay's (which was technically for both of us) was packed FULL of candy and junk food (and I'm already deeply regretting that decision because neither of us ever really eat sweets... but that's all we ate over the weekend) and Billie's had an assortment of toys, her Easter dress, and some new socks. I set them both out on the bed on Friday to surprise Taylor with them when he came home for lunch. It was fun to see his reaction because he definitely wasn't expecting an Easter basket. I decided to do our family's Easter baskets on Friday because we had a lot of other stuff planned for Saturday and Sunday (but I ended up getting sick so none of that even mattered). 

Saturday morning was fun because we headed over to my family's house for an easter egg hunt and breakfast. My cute mom hid SO many eggs around her house for the nieces and nephews to find. I kid you not, everywhere you looked, there were little eggs hidden for the kids to find. She hid a big egg for each of the grandchildren, too. They all had names on them and she even threw one in the mix for Billie girl. I can't wait for her to be big enough to run around on her own two little legs lookin' for easter eggs while dragging a basket behind her. BUT, then again, I also want her to stay this little forever. Parenthood, man. It's a ride.

90% of our weekend was sitting inside and watching TV. I'm not even mad about it, either, if I'm being honest. Our weekends always tend to be so busy. So, having more of a low-key weekend was really good for us. We kept the doors and windows open so we could enjoy the nice weather, but it was nice to just sit and relax with my people.  

Billie has been an absolute riot lately. She doesn't let a day slip by without making sure to keep me laughing all day long. She's always been a spunky little thing, but MAN, she's been especially hilarious over the last few weeks. She's gotten really, really good at pulling goofy faces and making silly noises. 

One of my very favorite things about the weekend is the fact that, every morning when Billie wakes up, one of us goes and gets her and then we put her right smack dab in between us on our bed. She nestles herself right in and we all just cuddle and hang out before getting up to start the day. It's my favorite. Tay and Billie always end up falling asleep together and I'm left on my own, but I don't mind. It's so sweet to see the two of them snoozin' together. They make my life so dang happy.

I snapped these photos of Billie feeding herself this weekend and had to include it in the post because she looks so dang cute and too darn grown up. She's learning new things every single day and it's pretty exciting to watch things start to click in her head. We're currently working on teaching her baby sign language... I'll let you know how that all turns out. haha

We managed to take Billie's new stroller out for a ride on our Sunday afternoon family walk. She looks so big now. She can now sit in the big-kid part of the stroller and I can't even wrap my head around that yet. It's fine, I'll just be off in the corner crying over the fact that my newborn isn't a newborn anymore and that someday she's not going to be a baby anymore either. I'm trying to soak up all this baby goodness while I can!!

The walk was good for all of us. You start feeling a little stir crazy if you keep yourselves cooped up inside eating nothing but easter candy for too long. I think that Kingsley was the most enthusiastic about the fact that we went on a walk, though. 

It was a really good weekend. I'm not exactly sure how it passed so quickly, but it was a good weekend. The next couple of weeks are going to be rather busy and hectic, so I was glad that we were able to sneak in a couple of lazier days before the madness all sets in. 

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Easter. We've been feeling extra grateful for the role that the gospel of Jesus Christ has played in our lives. It blesses us each and every day. I'm grateful for a Savior who made it possible for us to live together as a family forever. That is the greatest gift I could have ever been given. 


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