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After the madness of Billie being sick for a couple of days (and barfing on literally every blanket and burp rag we own),  the weekend seemed to have come right when we needed it the most. It was so hard trying to comfort her when she was feeling awful because she didn't understand why she was sick. She basically cried for three days straight (and I did too, if I'm being honest). Thankfully we were able to get her in to see a doctor and once she'd taken her prescribed medicine for a couple of days, she was doing much better. But, after several days feeling cooped up inside, we all needed a little fresh air (Kingsley included). Luckily enough, when we woke up on Saturday morning the sky above was painted grey and leaking cool little raindrops all over happy valley.

We've always loved the rain. While a vast majority of people may seek out beaches and tropical weather when they go on vacations, we always tend to find ourselves in cold, wet, and rainy destinations.  There's something about the smell of rain and the feel of precipitation upon your skin that makes you feel alive. We love Utah, but we love it even more when it rains. Thankfully, this spring has proven to be a stormy, rainy spring so far. No complaints here.

There has been a lot on our minds lately. Life gets so hectic and cluttered sometimes-- and when it gets like that, I feel like my brain starts working overtime in order to find solutions to things. It's nice to be able to just shut it all off for a second. Driving up into the mountains where we had no cell service and nothing to worry about was the perfect antidote for all the madness that seems to be taking over our lives lately. It's important to takes "breaks" like that, at times, I think. We need to find ways to keep ourselves sane, right?

I often say how grateful I am to live here in Utah. It truly is such a beautiful place. There are so many spectacular views such a short distance from our home. We're pretty lucky. It's easy to take things for granted when they become "normal" to you because you see them on a daily basis.

I am grateful for lovely weekends in lovely places with lovely people. This week welcomes with it a whole lot of madness as we prepare for fun, exciting, and slightly nerve-wracking things to come. 


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