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The large amount of sass spilling from my baby's little body. // The rolls, on rolls, on rolls located on Billie's arms and legs. // The warm weather Utah has been having lately (even though it's snowing outside right now lol). // All of the sessions I've been shooting lately! // The fact that Billie is now sleeping for twelve hours each night. // Kingsley and his endless cuddles. // The way Fred, our cat, taunts Kingsley when he thinks we aren't watching. // Getting stuff in the mail. // Ginger Lime Diet Coke. // Seeing old friends from high school. // When someone says, "Don't take this as creepy, but I'm obsessed with your baby. I show all the pictures you post of her to my mom and all my friends." // Turning instagram friends real life friends. // My planner. Because it's a real planner made out of paper and I love it. // Billie trying to eat solid foods (but really just throwing it all on the floor and Kingsley eating it instead). // 

Utah is hilarious.We had Billie in this cute little summer dress for church and then the next day it was snowing outside. I will forever laugh over the fact that, when living in Utah, you can never be too confident about what to wear because you may just experience all four seasons in one day. Maybe everyone hates that about Utah (and if I'm being honest, I sometimes hate it too), but this week it's made me laugh. It's fun to have unpredictable weather sometimes. 

Billie had her six month checkup (which means she got her six month shots). She's always been pretty brave when it comes to shots-- she'll cry for a minute but then she usually gets over it pretty quickly. But this time around, it took a little longer. She probably thinks I betrayed her. After the nurses left the room I sat and held her for a while as her little sad sniffles filled the silence in the room. My heart broke! 

We went and got her a little panda bear right before her appointment and it came in pretty handy when she was all sad and sniffley. I got some pretty good cuddles after that. She shots weren't happy, but the post-shot cuddles were. 

Billie has been such a blast lately. She's got the silliest little personality and she never fails to make us laugh. She does such weird things. I think the most common thing Tay and I say about her is simply, "She's so weird!" But that's exactly why we're so obsessed with her-- she constantly keeps us on our toes! I can't believe how spunky she already is. It's going to be so fun to watch her already colorful personality grow with her as she gets older. 

I'm so obsessed with this hilarious, adorable, spunky, silly, happy, curious, wonderful baby girl. She's every good thing all wrapped up into one perfect, tiny human being. She welcomes happiness and sunshine into our lives every single day. It's so crazy to me how much we love and adore a tiny human that can't even talk to us yet. But she has proven time and time again that she doesn't need words in order to get her point across. 

She's the best. She really is the best. I can't believe we lived so much of our life without her in it. But we're just glad she's here now. We love her so much.

Watching Taylor be a dad has been one of the happiest experiences of my life. He was made for the whole "dad" thing. It's fun to see how different his relationship with Billie is when compared to mine. She loves us differently, but equally. Her love for me makes me happy and my love for her makes me happy. Her love for Taylor and his love for her also make me ridiculously happy. We're just one big happy family, I guess. No complaints here.


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