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Billie is getting funnier and funnier with each passing day-- I'm not even kidding about that. The other day she was standing in her little bouncer thing and she'd start laughing like this every time she'd make eye contact with me. Between all of those laughs, she'd pucker up those little lips of hers in the silliest way and start making little fart noises. 

Apparently making fart noises is her new trick and she's become rather obsessed with showing it off. She's gotten to the point where where she is so obsessed that she'll sit there and do little raspberries in her crib up until the very second she falls asleep. And those silly fart noises are the first noises she makes when she wakes up. I'll hear them sounding off over the baby monitor each morning and that's how I know she's awake.

It's been really fun to watch Billie's personality bloom. She's teaching us so much about her without having to use words. One of my favorite parts of every day is going into her room to get her out of her crib and seeing her greet me with the biggest, happiest smile every single morning. Then she'll get really excited and start waving her arms and kicking her legs right up until the moment when I actually pick her up our of her bed. She can't say the words, "I love you," yet, but she sure does know how to show us that she loves us.

I love that Billie is constantly playing with her toes. She plays with anything she can get her hands on, really. She likes pulling hair, tugging on beards, grabbing Kingsley's ears, pulling binkie's out of her mouth, pulling bows off of her head, drawstrings on sweatshirts, lips, chins, you name it! It's been really fun to see how curious and aware she's become of the world around her.

It makes me both happy and sad that's she's learning to do "big girl" things like sitting up. (I love watching her grow but sometimes it makes me sad that she won't always be this little). It's so fun to watch her try and sit, though. She props herself up with those cute little chubby arms of hers and does a very good job at holding herself up. She's also really good at toppling over once she gets bored or tired, though. I'm just so proud of how much she loves trying new things. It will be interesting to see if she'll always as brave and adventurous as she seems now. 

Side note: that photograph of her sitting just so happens to be one of the first photos I've seen where I think she actually kind of looks like me. I've felt that she looks much more like Taylor since a few days after she was born (she definitely looked more like me right when she was born), so it was kind of fun to see myself in her for once.

Billie somehow managed to catch the stomach flu. So she spent the last couple of days crying, puking, and starving because she couldn't keep anything down. All she wanted was for me to hold her, so that's exactly what I did. All of those sick cuddles were awesome, minus the fact that I knew she was so miserable. Thankfully we were able to take her in to see a doctor and they prescribed some medicine that helped her to finally start keeping her food down. I probably cried just as much as she did over the last few days (if not more). The only thing worse than being sick is watching your baby be sick. It's awful

BUT, this morning she woke up smiling and it made my heart so happy that I think I busted a couple of heart strings. We're finally on the upward swing of things (and she hasn't puked for twelve whole hours)! 

My little brother got his mission call !!!!! (I'd insert a thousand more exclamation points if it weren't such an obnoxious thing to do.) I'm honestly still a little stunned about it, too. I swear, I JUST got my own mission call. It doesn't make any sense to me that my younger brother is going to be graduating and going on a mission!? I can't even handle that. 

He got called to serve in the Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine mission. I actually have an older brother who served in that exact same mission! My mom is known for messing with mission calls (she gave me a fake one and gave my little sister TWO fake ones...) so we were all waiting for it to be a joke, especially considering the fact that we already had a brother serve in that exact same mission. Lo and behold, it was not a joke!

I couldn't be more excited for him. He's been waiting for so long to get out and serve a mission, it's all just a little surreal that it's actually happening. Last I checked he was still eleven years old... now he's going on a mission. I'm only freaking out a little bit. 

Tay took this photo of Kallin's friend, Sasha, when Kallin announced where he was going. It's probably one of my favorite photos ever (because I'm weird and I love photos like this that show real, raw emotions in candid and happy moments). Moments like this one are one of the biggest reasons why I love taking photos!

We added another nephew to the family! My big sister had her baby boy this last week and he's too cute for words. I can't believe how teeny tiny he is, either. (And he was born at just over 9 pounds, so he was considered a big baby). I got to be there and photograph his older siblings meeting him for the very first time and it was such a sweet experience. It makes me excited for when Billie will get to meet her younger siblings (that's not me dropping hints, either). 

There's nothin' sweeter than holding a little babe, fresh from heaven. It's dangerous being around newborn babies, though, because every time I've been around a baby who has been born after Billie was born, I find myself starting to wonder when I'll have another baby. I keep getting baby hungry and I already have a baby. Being a girl is so bizarre, these baby-wanting hormones running through us are insane. 

The other day I told Taylor that I wanted to start eating healthier (because we spent the entire weekend eating nothing but easter candy and it destroyed us). That same day, at 10pm, we were both sitting in bed and I looked over at him and said, "Okay, I lied, I want a pizza." Without hesitation, Taylor jumped out of bed and called over to the pizza place in order to see if we could still pick up a hot and ready pizza even though their store was technically closed... he was out the garage door and in his car at this point, and I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

Ten minutes later he walked into our bedroom carrying a pizza box. "Guess what. I flirted with two lesbians and they told me they loved me and then gave me this pizza for free!" Needless to say, I died laughing over that. And then we proceeded to eat the entire pizza. In bed. At 10:30pm. 

Kingsley has been extra cute and cuddly lately, too. That's been super fun. But I'm afraid he's starting to like Billie more than he likes me (and I've always been his favorite). It makes me happy, though, because I always dream about him cozying up in her bed with her each night once she's a toddler. How cute would that be? 

It's been a long, hard, good, happy week. But I'm certainly extra, extra glad that the weekend is finally upon us. We've got a lot of things we should do this weekend, but I think we'll be taking things easy and trying to help Billie girl recover from this nasty stomach bug. 

Hope everyone has had a happy week full of happy things!


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