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We were blessed enough to have recently won a giveaway hosted by Taylor Ann Photography and Phil Good Beauty, and let me just tell you, they are the best! Not only are the both incredibly talented, but they were so much fun to get to know. We had such a blast working with them! I also couldn't be more in love with the way these family photos turned out. 

There are few things in this world that mean as much to me as photographs of the people I love the very most. I think part of that kind of stems back to my mission because sometimes it felt as if photographs were all I had to keep me connected to my loved ones. That's why I am a firm believer in documenting life well by documenting it often. These photographs will hold a special place in my heart forever because they document such a special time in my life. 

Billie girl did so good for the session. Her faces in these photos crack me up. This little phase of her infancy has been one of my favorites yet because she's so good at silly things like pulling faces and making hilarious noises. She kept us laughing the entire time with all of her sass.

I was so impressed with Taylor Ann Photography throughout our session! She did such a great job at helping us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I get so awkward whenever people point cameras in my direction. She cracked jokes with us and was so patient with Billie. She kept the session short and sweet but still managed to perfectly capture so many good little moments. She also had the fastest turnaround time ever. She got the photos back to us so quickly! She's the best and everyone should hire her. 

But anyway, moral of today's post: family portraits are important.


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