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I'm getting emotional right now because it's starting to hit me that my little brother is going to be graduating and heading off on his mission SO SOON. It really does feel like Tay and I were both just in his shoes... but somehow it's already been five years since we were getting ready to graduate and head off on our own missions. 

Kallin played the part of Huck Finn in the high school's productions of Big River. It was so much fun to watch him on stage. I'm not kidding when I say I cried multiple times throughout the show simply because I was overcome by the love I have for him. To know Kallin is to love Kallin. He's such a stellar dude. I totally felt like his mother as I sat in the back of the auditorium crying and snapping a million photographs of him doin' his thing onstage. We actually ended up going to Big River twice because the first time around Billie ended up throwing a fit halfway through the show and we had to leave. Thankfully she did a lot better the second time around!

 I can't believe that both of my baby brothers are now taller than me. And getting ready to go on missions and date girls and stuff. Where on earth has the time gone?


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