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This past week has been a tough one, but I've come to learn in life that sometimes the sweetest moments exist amongst the hardest moments. It's almost as if you needed the contrast of the two existing among each other in order to really see how significant those seemingly-insignificant things really are. So this week I've been extra grateful for the opportunity to recognize all of those little, happy blessings that are a part of my life. 

I woke up Friday morning and found hazy pink light dancing across my bedroom wall as it snuck through the slats of our blinds. I jumped right out of bed and peeked through the window just in time to see the most magnificent sunrise painted across the morning sky. Thanks for always being so pretty, Utah. // Billie recently figured out how to grab her toes and now that's all she ever does. It's the most adorable thing, though. I seriously cannot get enough of it! She melts my heart with all of her cute little mannerisms. // Speaking of cute little mannerisms... Billie has also evolved into somewhat of a screamer this past week. BUT not like a mad, crazy screamer... more like a happy and excited screamer. (Here, go to THIS instagram post and scroll to the two videos at the end to see what I'm talking about.) It's been so hilarious to hear the different ways in which she chooses to scream and to see the situations in which she thinks it's appropriate. She cracks me up. //

I got some of my favorite pictures ever with Billie Rose this past week. She was in such a funny mood and I pulled out my phone to document it. We ended up with a whole series of photographs where we are both making funny faces and smiling intermittently throughout them. I'll cherish these photos forever. I cherish those moments forever. She has seemed so "old" this week. Taylor and I both keep saying that. I don't even know how to explain why we feel that way, but she just seems so big and it's really mind-boggling to experience as a parent. // I ordered this cool galaxy/space light online a while back and it just arrived in the mail this week-- which now makes sense because it totally came from China and it's totally not what it was advertised to be. Taylor was trying to put it all together but it was actually really complicated at the instructions were only in Chinese so obviously it was a really hysterical set of circumstances, to say the least. // 

We took Billie girl to the movies with us this week. We went to see Black Panther (which was actually really cool, in my opinion). I was a little nervous about it just because the last time we took her to a movie, she was really little. But she did GREAT! Well... other than the fact that she had her BIGGEST BLOWOUT EVER right in the middle of the movie. (Tay and I were crying because we were laughing so hard. It's probably going to become one of our favorite stories to tell her when she starts getting older.) We knew we were in trouble when she started getting all squirmy (because that's what she does when she gets ready to poop). Suddenly we heard the biggest toot ever and my hands were... wet... so we booked it out of the theater and headed straight for the bathroom (Tay was holding Billie out in front of him with his elbows locked and his arms straight and it was making me laugh even harder). The women's bathroom didn't have a changing table (which was actually probably a good thing because this diaper change was a two-man job) so we had to wait outside the two family restrooms for quite some time before finally one of them vacated (and out walked a punk thirteen year old kid who I wanted to grab by the shoulders and "politely" exclaim, "Don't you know you could use the normal bathroom over there?! We've got a baby covered in poop here and we need the dang changing table!! Thanks for taking a million years, bud!" But I'm an adult now so I don't do stupid things (well... at least, I try not to hahaha). Long story short, it was a mess. And we were laughing the entire time (also gagging a little bit, but that's just part of parenthood). //

These are my little brothers. They're adorable and I love them and they made me happy this week too. Kallin is turning his mission papers in oh-so soon and I cant even believe that he's actually old enough to be doing that. They're both growing their hair out for the Savior of the World play (and Korden absolutely hates his long hair so I just laughed at him because that's what big sisters do when their brothers are dismayed). //

I've really loved watching Kingsley's interactions with Billie lately too. He always seems to be wherever she is. Whenever I'm nursing her, he makes a point to jump up into my lap and cozy right up next to her. It's adorable. She's also completely fascinated by Kingsley. She'll just sit and watch him walk around the house-- her favorite, though, is when he's playing and he's sprinting back and forth across the living room. It's hard for her eyes to keep up with him, but she tries her best (and loves every second of it)! //

My little sister cleaned my teeth after-hours this week. We were cracking up because I have a weird fear of the dentist (not even kidding. I throw a fit like a five year old every single time Taylor so much as mentions the dentist... at least I'm aware of my problems, okay?) and she was trying to convince me that it's not as scary there as I may think. So she cleaned my teeth for me and impressed me with her ability to understand what I was saying when my mouth was wide open and inhabited by her tools. That's a real talent, I'm tellin' ya. // 

Billie was born seven weeks after her cousin, Troy. It has been so much fun watching the two of them growing and changing together. They really are so dang cute together. My favorite thing to do is just put them down right next to each other and watch them interacting. They always end up holding hands and smacking each other in the face until they both start getting giggly. These two babies make me so happy. They're both just too darn sweet. //

Billie's been extra smiley and happy this week. Tay and I have kept her up past her bedtime on more than one occasion because she was just too much fun to play with (bad parenting moment, okay, we know. But she's too cute and we don't have enough personal resolve to NOT play with her when she's laughing and screaming and being happy!!) She is truly the sunshine in my life. I'm beyond grateful for her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to Taylor and me. We'll be forever grateful for that. 

Sometimes life is crazy, but it's also crazy good. So that's pretty cool. 


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