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We had the blessed opportunity to do a family portrait session with the endlessly talented Brittany Ting during our brief visit to California over the weekend. As soon as I knew we were headed to the California coast, I contacted her to book a session! (Yes, she's THAT good.) We crammed a million and one things into such a short period of time, but I am beyond grateful that we took the time to get our family photos done. I can't even find the words to express just how much these photos mean to me. 

Seeing as I am a photographer myself, we obviously have endless amounts of photos of our little family, but we didn't have many of the three of us together. And man, life is fleeting. I can't believe it took us four months to finally get family photos done. But, lesson learned-- I'm making it a goal to do this more often. 

But anywho, I hope you enjoy these photos at least half as much as I do (which is a lot, by the way). 

"Photos are the only way to hold on to what you knew, because the moments they show never change, but the people in them do." -e.h.


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