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I have never understood why people don't like Valentine's Day (I mean, to each his own, totally not bagging on anyone here). It's the perfect excuse of a day to stuff your face with cupcakes and chocolate and a vast assortment of candy. It's a day to celebrate love and all of those really rad individuals in your life whom you adore. It's an excuse to do things a little differently than you normally do (like cutting out twenty massive hearts and taping them to the wall... and making your husband help you blow up thirty balloons so you can do valentine's day themed photos of babies). I'm totally one of those people who likes to make a "big deal" about the big holidays, the little holidays and all the holidays in between.

Tay and I have a pretty ghetto studio set-up in our unfinished basement. Which probably was the main reason for why I decided that I was going to create an obnoxiously cheesy valentine's day themed backdrop for a fun little shoot with the kiddos. Tay was a total sweetheart and helped me with my ridiculous plans at midnight the night before we did the photos. Kingsley kinda helped too, in a round about way... because as I was messing around with the lights (I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to studio equipment. I just turn knobs and dials until something looks different, snap a couple of photos and then call it good), Kingsley was lurking in the corner trying to avoid all of the bright, unexpected flashes... so I picked him up, put him on a crate in the middle of a pile of balloons (which I now know terrify him) and snapped a couple of photos of him to see how it all looked. He may look calm and collected, but I assure you, he was certainly not.

A couple of Billie's cute cousins came over and we somehow managed to get all of them to hold semi-still for a few photos. Someday I hope these kids look back on these photos and think, "Well.... that's embarrassing..." because that's totally what we were going for. hahahaha

When it comes to Taylor and me, typically I am the one in the relationship who plans out days like Valentine's Day and anniversaries... needless to say, I thought that our Valentine's Day plans consisted of a whole bunch of nothing (because I hadn't taken the time to plan anything). But my sweet, wonderful, perfect husband surprised me! He asked his sweet, wonderful, perfect mother to babysit Billie for the evening so we could go on our first date ALONE after having Billie (it only took us four months, that's all). 

I was a first-degree clinger all night (which was hilarious to Tay because I'm typically super uncomfortable with PDA). I kept saying, "It's like we're on a first date all over again!!!" We ended up at the cents of style wall and decided to take a couple "cute" valentine's day photos with the pink + red part of the wall... but felt awkward because it was being monopolized by teenage girls and their heart-shaped balloons. So we just casually set up our tripod, put the camera on timer burst mode, and snapped a couple of pics before fleeing back to the comfort of our vehicle. (It's actually a super big deal that we took pics in front of other people because I get so super awkward when other people see me taking pics. This was a monumental moment for me, k?)

Sidenote: I've officially embraced the comfort and roominess of "mom jeans," in case anyone was wondering. I'm all about that mom jean life. 

We did dinner at Zao (because their freaking teriyaki steak bowl is probably the best thing ever) and kept saying how weird it was that it was just the two of us. It's weird to think that, once upon a time, it was only just the two of us all the time. We missed our Billie girl so dang much. But it was also nice to have some one-on-one time with Tay.

Annnnnd, because I've been begging Tay to go to the Greatest Showman with me since the day it came out (between having a baby and us being sick for so long, it just didn't happen before now. But tonight was the perfect opportunity for us to go!), we ended the night at the movie theater! I loved the movie more than I even thought I would. If I'm being completely honest, yes, yes I did cry. Surprisingly enough, we didn't really know the storyline for the movie before seeing it. I have no idea how we avoided all the spoilers seeing as everyone else in the world has seen the movie at least seven times by now. 

I love love day. I love having an excuse to celebrate love and to smother your favorite people in more love than usual. This Valentine's Day was super low-key but still so much fun. I'm just feeling extra-super-duper grateful for Taylor Dale and the way that he has loved me in this little adventure we like to call life. Oh! That reminds me-- I made him a little video valentine to show him how grateful I am for him-- I'll just go ahead and end this whole post with that.

"When I was a kid, I used to dream about falling into an "epic" love. I never thought I'd end up with the kid who sat behind me in my seventh grade Utah history class. But here I am, all these years later, madly in love with (and mother the child of) the kid who sat behind me in my seventh grade Utah history class. Happy Valentine's Day to the guy who has made every second of the life we have created together a second worth remembering. I LOVE YOU, you dork!"

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day!


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