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Taylor rented a camera from Allen's (a cute little camera shop on Provo Center Street) over the weekend. We're in this weird point with our camera gear where we're trying to decide whether or not we're going to stick to all Canon or if we're going to add a Sony to the family. Tay's been eyeing the Sony cameras for a while now, so we figured the best way to know if we'd even like the camera was to shoot on it. I think, for now, we're going to stick to Canon. But anyway (woah, unintentional tangent there... ANYWAY), we had to return the camera by Monday. so we used it as an excuse to hang out on Center Street for an evening. 

We had Billie in her sling and as we walked, I realized that was probably the first time she's been able to be "see the world" in that way. Thanks to Winter, it's always cold and there are a million and one nasty illnesses going around so we typically keep her all bundled up and covered in her carseat. She was whipping her head back and forth in every direction in an attempt to see everything that was going on around us; the sun was setting and casting a collection of golden rays dancing across everything in sight, our ears buzzed with the whir of cars passing in every direction, and we passed a variety of nameless strangers as we strolled down the busy walkway-- she wanted to experience it all. Raising a baby is so cool in so many ways, but one of my favorite things about it is seeing her learn, grow, and interact with the world around her. It's almost like I get to see the world through her eyes-- everything seems new again.

Provo Center Street has always been one of my favorite places. There are so many cool and unique little shops to keep you entertained and a couple of really rad places to eat (one of which being Station 22, which is a fave of mine). I also have an extra-special place in my heart for the Provo City Center Temple. Not only is it stunning, but it has the coolest back story to it-- it's the gem of Center Street, if you ask me. When I photograph weddings at that temple, one of my favorite shots just so happens to be under this exact tree-- you can see the whole temple in the background... and the tree is cool too, I guess.

It really has been such a bizarre winter. So bizarre, in fact, that I often forget it even is winter. It will be interesting to see how the weather will choose to surprise us as the months roll slowly on (hopefully nothing too crazy happens). Before we went home, we stopped in at the Sweet Tooth Fairy to pick up some cupcakes for Bachelor night over at my sister in law's house (I love me some great, trashy, reality TV). Tay's favorite cupcake is the salted caramel (which isn't a surprise at all because salted caramel is one of his favorite flavors for everything) and I indulged in a red velvet cupcake, in honor of Valentine's day.

I want to start being more consistent about doing family night on Monday evenings! It will be fun to have a weekly tradition like that as Billie continues to grow. If you have any fun suggestions for things to do as a family here in Utah, feel free to share them! I'm always looking for new things to do.


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