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As a child, springtime always sounded like birds chirping and planes flying by overhead. It smelled of fresh-cut grass and upturned soil. It brought with it whispers of the coming summer sunshine as it hushed the winter and sent away the cold. This winter has felt like a strange mix of mid-November and the tail-end of April. Here we are, halfway through the month of February, and the earth is already hinting at Spring.

I can't help but to feel little bursts of excitement at the thought of spending warm afternoons at the park curled up on an old quilt with a book and my babe. Winter with a baby is hard. Between the illnesses circulating society and the more extreme weather conditions, you find yourself cooped up inside more often than not.

But the days are getting longer and the sun's light is getting warmer and warmer. Spring may be just around the corner. 

diaper bag: lily jade | hooded baby romper: brinklee ave


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  1. Love your outfit, so cute! I too, cannot wait until spring. I love winter but this winter has been a real dud, haha.


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